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Pallas Athena - Goddess of Wisdom and Crafts, Strategist and Father's Daughter (Virgin Goddess)
Alternative Name: Minerva
Associated Planet: Sun
Feminine Archetype: Amazon
Color: Zinc Yellow
Element: Air
Jungian Function: Thinking
Feminine Function: Creating mental progeny, mental nurturing - visions
Woman's Relationship: Daughter
Woman's Stereotype: Asexual comrade/friend, Amazon: "mannish", tomboy, professional career woman

Keywords: Strategy, protector, wisdom, crafts, rational thinking, intellect, will, advisor, protector of patriarchal principles, pragmatic, logical, sensible, enjoyment of action and power, realistic, self-directed and self-focused, not swayed by emotions or sentiment, power, authority, responsibility, establishment, moderation and the Golden mean, seeks information.

Alternative Modes of Expression: Development of talents, artistic creativity, intelligence, education/career potential; political/social awareness, depolarizing male/female role typing; integrating love and creativity

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