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Nibiru Planet Gong - 32”

Nibiru Planet Gong - 32”

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The Nibiru gong resonates at the approximate musical note of E. Nibiru represents evolution, emotional resolution and enlightenment.

Zodiacal Rulership: Libra.
Nibiru Qualities: Creativity, discovery of roots and origins, quantum changes in consciousness
Nibiru Therapeutics: Heals genetic issues; facilitates recognition of our true spiritual path and reason for being here; breaks through limiting patterns and religious dogma; helps us to craft a new story of our origins
Nibiru in Ceremony: Used to facilitate quantum leaps in consciousness and to help us align with our soul’s cosmic journey

The Nibiru gong opens up a doorway in our psychological landscape through which we must all eventually pass. Like the pulse of a heart, the rolling of earth from day to night, the rising of life from a seed only to fall back to soil again; as living creatures we are bound to return to the matrix from which we sprung. Nibiru calls us home and brings us a sense of peace upon our journey.  In a therapeutic setting, the Nibiru gong helps us to address deep-seated sorrows and fears for which we can find no rational explanation. It is a planetary gong in the truest sense, as it helps us to heal planetary wounds, which are rooted deep in our relationship to our Mother Earth. Now is the time of Nibiru, now is the time for us to recognize our timeless connection to our home planet and to heal her ravaged wounds as a transit to healing ourselves. The Nibiru gong is a powerful ceremonial gong, summoning the energy of initiation and opening the door to the future. It is also an appropriate gong to use in hospice care settings, where patients are looking for sustenance during their transition.

Recommended Mallets: M5 or M6