Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Gem Tips

Gemstones and Sound

Since ancient times gems have been used for adornment, protection, to cure ailments, and to achieve higher states of concsiousness. Formed in the Earth itself they contain a vibratory structure that is unique to each gem and is reflective of the type of stone, the structure of the stone, and where it comes from. Each gemstone or crystal might be viewed as a miniature storehouse of the wisdom of the Earth itself. Their crystaline structure emits energy and just as water has a memory stones also contain a storehouse of information. When you combine the frequency of the Ohm tuning forks with the vibratory energy of the gem stones both are amplified, as you direct this beautiful sound and light on or over the body. 

Acutonics gem tips are being used in hospitals and clinics and they are particularly popular in spa services and for facials. Jade gem tips, for example, might be used in place of jade rollers which have been a part of women's beauty routines for centuries.

Three Treasures Gem Tips

Although we work with many gems, each of which has their own unique therapeutic qualities, one example of a gem tip set is the Three Treasures. The Three Treasures, the Three Precious Ones, or The Three Elixir Fields refer to three intrinsic and inseparable forces that embody Humanity, Earth, and Heaven. They represent the creative and procreative polarity of Qi, the magnetism of Jing, and the spiritual container that is Shen. These three sacred and integral gifts form the basis for life, the promise of health, well-being and endurance. Taoists believe that by using our breath, deep meditation, and disciplined exercise, we are able to support, balance, and preserve the Three Treasures to achieve immortality. When Jing, Qi, and Shen are in harmony, we are able to live life at peak capacity with our body, mind and spirit fully engaged. The following gems are used to represent the Three Treasures.

Red Garnet represents Energy, Qi and Humanity, stamina, vital force, the breath of life and strength.
The garnet is used to build and balance the energy between the emotional and physical body.

Citrine represents Essence, Jing, and Earth. Jing is our essence, bones and marrow ruled by Kidney essence.
Citrine is associated with creative energy and spirit at the core
used to awaken the higher mind and provide gateway to essence.

Amethyst represents Shen, Spirit and Heaven. The light that emanates from your eyes, a bridge to the
divine connection between heaven and Earth. Amethyst helps calm the mind and spirit to promote balance within.  

Quartz is an amplifier used in combination with the above gems to deepen their
effect and support you in finding the expression of true at-one-ment or Harmonic Attunement®.