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“There is no greater and living resonator of sound than the human body. Sound has an effect on each atom of the body, for each atom resounds.” -Hazrat Inyut Khan

“More than anything else, rhythm and melody find their way to the inmost soul and take the strongest hold upon it.” -Plato

Devachan Press

The Devachan represents the pure world of sound and light, our soul's true home.

Devachan Press was founded by Donna Carey, LAc and Ellen Franklin, PhD in 2002. Devachan Press is committed to publishing new works that are in alignment with our mission to return art and spirit to medicine. Initially founded to publish text books for the Acutonics Certification Program, our line of books have expanded to include works that further our understanding of vibrational sound healing, the wisdom and spiritual traditions of East Asian Medicine, and living in harmony with the natural world. All of our books are manufactured of high quality materials, and many incorporate beautiful illustrations, and photographs. Our first book for animal health, Acutonics for Dogs & Cats - Sound Healing for Animal Health was published in 2011. A series of poetry books, The Collection of Unintended Sutras (2012), Traveler's Advisory (2014) and Days of Endless Capture (2017) authored by Donna Carey.

We are a sister company of the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine, LLC, creators of the Acutonics® System of Healing & Education, offers continuing education contact hours to acupuncturists (NCCAOM) and massage practitioners (NCBTMB). If you would like to learn more about the Acutonics® Certification Program or connect with a community of Acutonics® teachers and practitioners, please visit our website

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