Elemental Harmony: Springtime and the Wood Element

The first day of Spring made its grand entrance on March 20th with a fertile full moon on the Vernal Equinox. This was followed by the New Moon in Aries on April 5th which started with a one/two push out of the deep eternal rest of winter. We were soon joined by a powerhouse line up of Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Aires. With both planets in each other’s sign, we have experienced swift-moving-intensity times two.
Playing in the Field: Change the Field to Change Matter

As Acutonics practitioners we use sound as a vehicle to create vibratory states that are useful in healing and transformation. In the beginning, in Level I, we begin making intervals using two tuning forks with differing tones to create “spaces in between”. The spaces contain overtones that relate to extra-dimensionality and create portals into other realms of being.
Spring into May, Self-Care Affirmations

The wonderful season of Spring continues as we move into May. The weather has been a bit crazy as well as the vibrations here on planet Earth. Self-care is so important during these times of transition. We must fill ourselves up to be able to give to others. We cannot pour from an empty cup, so it is time to gather your tools, find a quiet 15-30 minutes, and give yourself a tune-up.
Patty Warren the Horse Whisperer

A native of Canada, Patty now makes her home in Taos, New Mexico (just north of the Mothership). It was through her studies at California’s Hellerwork Structural Integration School that she ended up in the States and, in a roundabout way, after studying with Donna and Ellen, found her true calling: using Acutonics as a way to treat the equine species. Patty has been working with horses, and creating better relationships between horses and their riders, for over 15 years.
The Astrological Weather of Spring

Aloha! It’s so good to be able to discuss the upcoming astrological weather with you this month. April sees the Sun move from Aries to Taurus, the Charging Ram into the Obstinate Bull and with the current and upcoming planetary aspects, this is so perfectly attuned this year.
The Liver, The Hun and the Flow of the Tao

Spring is the season of awakening and enlivening the liver energy as the Earth brings forth manifestation from the potentiality stored in the seed. This is a good opportunity to connect with the Hun, the spirit of the liver. In Chinese medicine the energy of the liver is responsible for the smooth flow of qi in the body.
Dorothy Wallis

Life began for Dorothy Wallis close to nature and animals in the rolling countryside of Illinois. Her parents owned Brenwood dog kennel, where they raised and bred Irish Setters first brought from England for show and field trials. The business boarded every breed of dog and she developed an intimate psychic connection to the dogs and communion with the trees, plants and spiritual energy of the land.
March Astrology: Watering our Dreams and Seeding Earth with a Balanced Divine Feminine and Masculine

2019 began with the Year of the Earth Pig (Boar) a Big Bang with a partial Solar Eclipse on Jan 5, with the New Moon between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Followed by a total Lunar Eclipse in Leo, squaring the change maker planet Uranus on January 20th. The year of the Boar signifies a year of completion from several cycles. So as 2019 signifies a completion year, the eclipses commencing the New Year, marks a completion of something, that invites a grand new beginning of something else.
Christine Gallagher, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner Grand Junction, Colorado

Dr. Christine Gallagher learned about Acutonics while she was working on her PhD. And that was not long after having had her third child. After earning her Doctorate in Natural Health, she opened her own private practice, Journey for Wellness - Center for Natural Family Health, in 2006 in Grand Junction, Colorado.
Frequency, Resonance and the Tao

Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the meridians as a “closed” energetic system. This perspective holds that the Qi moves in organized flows throughout the body and that these channels or meridians communicate with the various organs and tissues of the body and that the meridians communicate with each other. From this point of view the energies influencing health and well-being are circulating and interacting within the limits of physical structure.

"Acutonics is like a super intense meditation session for the body. After every session, I feel balanced and grounded again, and see results in concrete ways as well, such as a stabilized body temperature (with low thyroid)."

- L.H. Santa Fe