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Inscriptions I: Thirsty Fields

15 Nov, 2022
Suddenly thirsty fields with poring rain

The Season of the Water Element - Cycling into the Deep Nourishing Yin

15 Nov, 2022
The season of the Yin Feminine Water Element shows up as the dark time that pulls us inward, into our self, to be still. She pulls us into places of shelter to be warm, and then asks us to listen closely to the wisdom that whispers when we are quiet. During this time, we begin our descent into the dark season that rests.

Winter Solstice—Stillness and Renewal

15 Nov, 2022
In the cycle of seasons, with the approach of Winter Solstice we enter the time of year that is most yin. This is the tipping point where the zenith of yin begins its shift toward yang. The spark of the yin fire quickens, and the darkness of the days begins to give way to lengthening times of light. Even as winter begins, there is movement toward the energy of spring. In the Pagan tradition, it is the time when the goddess becomes The Great Mother and births The Sun King.

Self-Care Classes with Acutonics

20 Sep, 2022
Both workshops are offered live on Zoom with senior Acutonics Licensed Faculty Member and Certified Acutonics® Practitioner, Mary Burke Kelly.

What Elk Say About Fires

19 Sep, 2022
Let’s go to safety, Out of here, I can’t think. . . Heat’s all around us, Extinction on the brink

Remembering Steven Evans

19 Sep, 2022
Many of our teachers and community attended classes and teacher training with Steve Evans about 20 years ago experiencing his enthusiasm, optimism, and commitment to being a source of love and light for others. For a time, Steve lived in Llano, and we went on many walks and snowshoes with our dogs and people too. We shared a great love for nature, dogs and transforming humanity. Later he moved to Taos to continue his body work practice in combination with Acutonics. I was always struck by the spiritual commitment of my Sagittarius brother, his dedication to service, and his optimism. We would often talk about peoples’ capacity to change, their willingness or unwillingness, and what always stood in the way. We always ended with how can we help? And stay curious.

Fall, the Metal Element and Alchemy

19 Sep, 2022
We are entering Autumn, the season of the metal element. Among the correspondences associated with this season according to five element theory in East Asian medicine are the Lung and Large Intestine and the archetype of The Alchemist.

Late Summer: Season of the Yi

3 Aug, 2022
Late Summer is the 5th season between August and the Fall Equinox. It marks the pause between the yang energy of Spring and Summer and movement into the yin energy of Fall. This time is associated with the Earth element and the Yi spirit.

Cultivating Love, Joy, Compassion, Expanded Consciousness and the Numinous with Planetary Archetypes and Intervals

5 Jun, 2022
With the culmination of events that occur with the ending of our Great Year Cycle and the Summer months upon us, we must face and experience the long-term effects of the imbalance of our relationship with Mother Earth and her water (“Mni wic’oni”- water of life, from Chief Arvol Looking Horse*). These imbalances are witnessed as unprecedented droughts to excessive flooding, incessant fires, weather anomalies, changing jet streams, increased tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes, and volcanic activity worldwide.

Re-tuning Our Hearts

5 Jun, 2022
As we approach Summer Solstice, the season of the Fire Element and the Heart, we are navigating extraordinary challenges. There are ongoing pandemic concerns, the horror of the war in Ukraine, threats to freedom of choice, the incomprehensible loss of life from gun violence, and the impacts of climate change. All of this along with personal challenges that many of us, our families and clients are facing leave us with heavy hearts, heartsick, brokenhearted.

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