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Winter Solstice—The Still Point

7 Dec, 2021
May this Solstice be a time of joy, harmony, abundance, and peace a portal to a time of coherence in the collective. — Jude Ponton

The Season of Autumn and the Metal Element

6 Nov, 2021
As we move through the season of Autumn, we enter the Yin cycle with longer nights and shorter days. It is the time when the last fruits fall from the trees, as do the leaves and the sap descends into the roots. This letting go time is associated with grief and the time of loss. It is a time to let go of that which is no longer needed and provides an opportunity to release old habits and negative patterns, and by doing so, we grow and evolve.

“Sound Advice”

6 Nov, 2021
Sharing Acutonics Sound Healing tools online may feel a bit daunting at first, so asking the planet on its side, “Uranus”, for some assistance may be helpful. Some of us are taking classes, teaching, doing distance healing, sharing sound baths, etc., and each situation requires some variable sound savvy.

Reflecting on Autumn, the Metal Element and the Process of Letting Go

6 Nov, 2021
Here in the Pacific Northwest leaves are falling, and the rains and wind have made their return in earnest to mark the return of Autumn. The cycle has returned to the time of the Metal element. The outward yang energy of summer has shifted to the yin consolidating energy that prepares us for Winter and the nurturance of the yin fire. It is a time for stillness and inner reflection.

Equine Acutonics®

2 Sep, 2021
A few years after moving Acutonics from Seattle, WA to Northern New Mexico, I fulfilled a dream, to have horses in my life, once again. Shortly after my beautiful Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, Jody Hard to Copy, arrived here in New Mexico, she suffered a traumatic injury. Over the next ten years that I was blessed to have this incredible horse in my life she became my teacher and motivation to use Acutonics on horses.

Late Summer: Time to Renew Core Energy

2 Sep, 2021
Taoists mark the transition of the yang energy of Summer toward the yin energy of Autumn as the season of Late Summer. At this point in the seasonal cycle energy begins to consolidate and move into less activity and greater nurturance.

A Report From Acutonics Camp

2 Sep, 2021
Good things happen when you listen to the trees. They’ve never steered us wrong yet. That’s how we began Acutonics Camp in 2014: the trees told us they were teachers.

Aligning With Our New Center

14 Jun, 2021
I have just recently returned to my practice after months of my own journey of recovery. As I began seeing clients I noticed that in most of the people I was treating there was a common signature in their fields. What I noticed was a sense of “off centeredness” or misalignment with the central core of their field. Usually when something like this shows up consistently the first thing I do is check to see if I am projecting the pattern.

Retuning the Field

29 Mar, 2021
We have all been impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Some of us have experienced personal physical manifestations of the virus or have cared for loved ones who have. Some of us have lost loved ones, friends and neighbors or have known people who have. We have been isolated in our homes and the flow of our lives has been disrupted.

Lunar New Year 2021 - Year of the Metal Ox, February 12, 2021

9 Feb, 2021
February 12, 2021 is the beginning of Lunar New Year, this year we celebrate the Metal Ox, the second sign in the Zodiacal wheel. According to myth, the Jade Emperor established the order of the zodiacal animals based on when they arrived at his party. The Ox was in the lead, but kind-hearted in nature, gave Rat a ride on his back. As soon as they arrived at the party, Rat jumped down becoming the first animal in the zodiac, and Ox was second.

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