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14 Aug, 2023
Petrichor: The smell of rain before it’s arrival, maybe something beyond meaning, A gasp of the sensation out of a lane, a sense we develop for our very survival.

Exploring the Essence of the Earth Element in Late Summer

14 Aug, 2023
As we journey through the seasonal wheel, passing through the long and easy days of summer into the grounding, nurturing days of late summer, we move from the essence of the Fire element, with all its’ passion and warmth into the grounding and comforting influence of the Earth element.

Late Summer, the Yi Spirit and Manifestation

14 Aug, 2023
Summer, the height of yang, activates and amplifies the energy of insights, ideas and visions that were set in Spring. In Late Summer, this energy consolidated by the Earth element is realized as manifestation in a tangible form. Intention and vision are waveforms in the higher vibrational realms that must be acted upon before they can take shape in particle/physical reality.

The Tao of Addiction

30 May, 2023
A FREE one-day workshop offered by The WU Project in collaboration with the Pojoaque Pueblo, at Buffalo Thunder Resort in Pojoaque, New Mexico.

For the Love of Gongs

27 May, 2023
Theresa Lee Morris has developed three exciting new Acutonics® electives designed to expand your knowledge of how to work with gongs and integrate the many tools you learn to work with in Acutonics, including Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, Hand Chimes, and Gongs for healing, celebration, and ritual. Theresa shares her love of these powerful tools below and provides a detailed explanation of the new electives.

A Big Celebration Down Under!

26 May, 2023
It was a great honor to facilitate the graduation of seventeen students in Australia in March of this year. These remarkable students all achieved the designation of Certified Acutonics® Practitioner. Many of these students completed all core modules many years ago, and with busy work schedules and family commitments were finding it quite challenging to complete a thesis project. Working with Ellen and Donna and exploring options for these accomplished practitioners, students were offered the option to sit for a comprehensive final exam.

Summer: Season of the Heart

25 May, 2023
As we approach the Summer Solstice, the season of the fire element and the Heart, we are navigating extraordinary social, political, and spiritual challenges. Summer is a perfect time to focus on and nurture the fire element and heart energy. The natural frequency of the Heart is joy, compassion, love, optimism, and expansion. Our hearts are the doorway to limitless potential.

Inner Working ll: Blank Spaces

27 Feb, 2023
From a new poetry collection: Dreaming with Elk

Moving from Water into Wood

27 Feb, 2023
As the cold winter days come to an end and we transition into the new season of spring, it's a great time to reflect on the element of water and its transformation into wood as well as the significance of these elements in our lives.

The Hun, Reconnect to Vision and Purpose

27 Feb, 2023
The whispers of Spring awaken the energy of the Wood Element, the Green Dragon and enliven the liver energy. It is the time when the Earth brings forth manifestation from the potentiality stored in the seed. It is also a good time to connect with the Hun, the spirit of the liver.

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