Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

News for September, 2021

Equine Acutonics®

2 Sep, 2021
A few years after moving Acutonics from Seattle, WA to Northern New Mexico, I fulfilled a dream, to have horses in my life, once again. Shortly after my beautiful Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, Jody Hard to Copy, arrived here in New Mexico, she suffered a traumatic injury. Over the next ten years that I was blessed to have this incredible horse in my life she became my teacher and motivation to use Acutonics on horses.

Late Summer: Time to Renew Core Energy

2 Sep, 2021
Taoists mark the transition of the yang energy of Summer toward the yin energy of Autumn as the season of Late Summer. At this point in the seasonal cycle energy begins to consolidate and move into less activity and greater nurturance.

A Report From Acutonics Camp

2 Sep, 2021
Good things happen when you listen to the trees. They’ve never steered us wrong yet. That’s how we began Acutonics Camp in 2014: the trees told us they were teachers.