Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

News for March, 2017

Protocol for Courage and Compassion

1 Mar, 2017
Do you feel upset by the news? Feel impotent and fearful? Perhaps you feel like Kali or Jupiter – wrathful and prone to flinging thunderbolts? It is inspiring to see so many Americans awake and active in defending our Constitution. My favorite bumper sticker from years ago was, “If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention”. Whether you are feeling empowered and ready to become an activist or feeling like you would rather stay home, lock the doors and pull the covers up, this protocol is for you. We are all one…really. The adage “Divide and Conquer” is very important here. It has worked as a way to govern and conquer throughout history. To avoid this: Stay connected to one another and remember our common humanity, rather than our many differences. We are stronger than that.


1 Mar, 2017
In the current climate of uncertainty and upheaval, the ability to trust and allow the flow of the universe to provide inspiration for movement beyond the experience of outer reality has been extraordinarily challenging. Much of what we see at the root of our clients concerns is a kind of fear that seems to come from a disconnection from their own sense of well-being and instinctual power. This sometimes manifests clearly as fear but often as a kind of hypervigelance or an exaggerated need for control.