Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

News for September, 2022

Self-Care Classes with Acutonics

20 Sep, 2022
Both workshops are offered live on Zoom with senior Acutonics Licensed Faculty Member and Certified Acutonics® Practitioner, Mary Burke Kelly.

What Elk Say About Fires

19 Sep, 2022
Let’s go to safety, Out of here, I can’t think. . . Heat’s all around us, Extinction on the brink

Remembering Steven Evans

19 Sep, 2022
Many of our teachers and community attended classes and teacher training with Steve Evans about 20 years ago experiencing his enthusiasm, optimism, and commitment to being a source of love and light for others. For a time, Steve lived in Llano, and we went on many walks and snowshoes with our dogs and people too. We shared a great love for nature, dogs and transforming humanity. Later he moved to Taos to continue his body work practice in combination with Acutonics. I was always struck by the spiritual commitment of my Sagittarius brother, his dedication to service, and his optimism. We would often talk about peoples’ capacity to change, their willingness or unwillingness, and what always stood in the way. We always ended with how can we help? And stay curious.

Fall, the Metal Element and Alchemy

19 Sep, 2022
We are entering Autumn, the season of the metal element. Among the correspondences associated with this season according to five element theory in East Asian medicine are the Lung and Large Intestine and the archetype of The Alchemist.