Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

News for July, 2017

Sedna, Non-duality & Connection Through the Field

1 Jul, 2017
Non-duality can be described as non-separation—what we might think of as the Wu Qi or the Tao, the undifferentiated oneness. It is in this field of oneness that we find the origins of our commonality. It’s here that we are free from the distinctions of self and other, that we realize our connection to the universal expression of life force. We have found the frequency of Sedna to be extraordinarily resonant with this energy and often include her in sessions with this in mind. Sedna manifests the confluence of the active energy of super-conduction and the energy of grounding, nurturing, and connection to the deepest yin. She is both activating, upward and outward moving and consolidating, cooling and grounding. Sedna manifests the stillness that brings forth powerful awakening, the seed that after stillness and consolidation, germinates and rises upward to express its full potential.

Traveling Gongs

1 Jul, 2017
Judy Bernard a Licensed Acutonics teacher and senior faculty member travels extensively with her gongs. She shared this recent adventure with us. "About a year ago I moved to Nashville, Tennessee, not a place I’d given much thought to or even wanted to visit. We were brought here by my Beloved’s work, and after finding a place to live I began to research things to do in the area. I was really pleased to discover the Nashville Chooses Peace Festival. None of our belongings had arrived yet, no gongs to create a booth, so I decided to volunteer and have fun. I met the most amazingly kindhearted group of people that have become my best friends here. I must say Nashville is the kindest city I have ever been too. I had found my pod!"