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News for February, 2020

Acutonics® for Your Animal Companions

26 Feb, 2020
Over 20 years ago, our holistic vet suggested that, since we were acupuncturists, it would be useful for us to do regular acupuncture treatments to help address the persistent digestive imbalance that our Standard Poodle puppy, Jazz was experiencing at the time. We studied references for point location in animals and mapped out a treatment plan based on the pattern of the imbalance. Then we plied Jazz with petting and small treats and inserted needles in the appropriate points. Ever the patient and cooperative being that she was, she stood perfectly still and allowed the needle insertions without a flinch. When all the needles were inserted she waited just a minute and then began systematically removing the needles with her teeth. Perhaps this wouldn’t be as easy as we thought.