Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

News for June, 2022

Cultivating Love, Joy, Compassion, Expanded Consciousness and the Numinous with Planetary Archetypes and Intervals

5 Jun, 2022
With the culmination of events that occur with the ending of our Great Year Cycle and the Summer months upon us, we must face and experience the long-term effects of the imbalance of our relationship with Mother Earth and her water (“Mni wic’oni”- water of life, from Chief Arvol Looking Horse*). These imbalances are witnessed as unprecedented droughts to excessive flooding, incessant fires, weather anomalies, changing jet streams, increased tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes, and volcanic activity worldwide.

Re-tuning Our Hearts

5 Jun, 2022
As we approach Summer Solstice, the season of the Fire Element and the Heart, we are navigating extraordinary challenges. There are ongoing pandemic concerns, the horror of the war in Ukraine, threats to freedom of choice, the incomprehensible loss of life from gun violence, and the impacts of climate change. All of this along with personal challenges that many of us, our families and clients are facing leave us with heavy hearts, heartsick, brokenhearted.