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News for August, 2023


14 Aug, 2023
Petrichor: The smell of rain before it’s arrival, maybe something beyond meaning, A gasp of the sensation out of a lane, a sense we develop for our very survival.

Exploring the Essence of the Earth Element in Late Summer

14 Aug, 2023
As we journey through the seasonal wheel, passing through the long and easy days of summer into the grounding, nurturing days of late summer, we move from the essence of the Fire element, with all its’ passion and warmth into the grounding and comforting influence of the Earth element.

Late Summer, the Yi Spirit and Manifestation

14 Aug, 2023
Summer, the height of yang, activates and amplifies the energy of insights, ideas and visions that were set in Spring. In Late Summer, this energy consolidated by the Earth element is realized as manifestation in a tangible form. Intention and vision are waveforms in the higher vibrational realms that must be acted upon before they can take shape in particle/physical reality.