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Donna Carey demonstrates Acutonics tuning fork technique

Acutonics® Institute of Integrative Medicine

The Acutonics® Institute of Integrative Medicine is the creator of an in-depth certification program in the applied use of sound vibration that draws on East Asian medicine, psychology, science and the arts. We are also the developers of a series of sound healing tools that are used by health care practitioners around the world to promote health and well-being.

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Acutonics® Education

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Our headquarters are based in the rural mountains of Northern New Mexico. Living in harmony with the natural world, close to nature, we grow our own food and conduct research into the therapeutic use of sound vibration for health promotion, agricultural production and processes.

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Eclipse Reflections

Astrological Insights

Eclipse Reflections

In this final contribution for 2022 from Vanessa Strauss she explores the significance of the eclipse season, just past. What might we learn from these growth opportunities and how can we take those teachings into the year ahead. It was striking to me and Donna that she cites both the Conference of the Birds, and the important messages brought to us by Black Elk.

The Art of Spiritual Acupuncture, Sacral-Cranial Touch, Plant Spirits and the Cosmos  By Debra Kaatz


The Art of Spiritual Acupuncture, Sacral-Cranial Touch, Plant Spirits and the Cosmos By Debra Kaatz

The Art of Spiritual Acupuncture, Sacral-Cranial Touch, Plant Spirits and the Cosmos the new book by Debra Kaatz has completed its long journey across the ocean and we are happy to report that it is in stock and will be offered at a small discount in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

Winter Self-Care - Tips Find the Light Within

Self-Care Affirmations

Winter Self-Care - Tips Find the Light Within

Winter is here in all her glory, just as longer, warmer days embrace the Southern hemisphere. The Earth in all her wisdom, seeks balance between the hemispheres. Our human bodies also look for balance, especially after the recent retrograde events that shook many to their core. Past trauma, old memories and stuffed emotions are stirred up. Winter, a time to go inward, invites us to dive deeper into past wounds, to redefine who we are to heal and move forward into 2023 lighter, clearer, and resonant to all the things we desire.

The Mothership

The Mothership

Lunar New Year 2023, a Year of Hope

On January 22, 2023, the Lunar New Year of the Water Rabbit begins. This is a sign of peace, prosperity, fluidity, agility, abundance, longevity, and hope. Rabbit also associated with the arts and creativity provides the perfect opportunity to engage in new acts of creation. Additionally, Rabbit has a strong association with personal self-care serving as a potent reminder of the critical importance of personal nurturance to enhance our well-being.