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The Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine is the creator of an in-depth certification program in the applied use of sound vibration that draws on Oriental medicine, psychology, science and the arts. We are also the developers of a series of sound healing tools that are used by health care practitioners around the world to promote health and well-being. Our headquarters are based in the rural mountains of Northern New Mexico. Living in harmony with the natural world, close to nature, we grow our own food and conduct research into the therapeutic use of sound vibration for health promotion, agricultural production and processes.

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Integrating Energy into Medicine
1 Jun, 2018
Practitioner Janet DeVallauris uses Acutonics as a way to make the idea of energy medicine more accessible to more people, "because people can relate to the idea of vibration making changes."
Author: Devon Jackson

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"The first time I had your (Acutonics) tuning forks placed on my body, I felt as though every cell, every tissue, every atom in my body was dancing for joy! Something in me came alive that had long been sleeping. Thank you, thank you, thank you for enabling the music of the spheres to be resounding my body."

- Sage Berrett
Learning Enhancement Specialist and creator of the Art of Balance, Inc.