MichelAngelo, M.F.A., Medical Astrologer, Sound Healer, Author, Teacher

MichelAngelo, long-time member of the extended Acutonics® family, has a new book of astrological essays that is available on Amazon. Random Ramblings of an Astrological Autodidact is self-reflective and insightful. The essays are engaging and thoughtful offering in-depth analysis of multiple horoscopes including those of rock stars such as Elton John and Elvis Presley as well as authors, composers, and other individuals of note. Given his astrological specialty, a number of these essays focus on medical conditions, accidents and premature deaths. There is tremendous depth in these wide ranging case examples of peoples’ lives viewed with an astrological lens. Big congratulations to MichelAngelo for the Five Star reviews on Amazon.
Four Gates of Heaven Access to Expansion

The Four Gates, LI 4 (Hegu – Union Valley), and LIV 3 (Tai Chong – Great Surge) are introduced in Acutonics Level I as important points individually and as a powerful set of points when activated together.
A time to Harvest - September 2019 Self-Care Affirmations

September is a time to harvest. Time to reap what we have sown. In the beginning of September, we nourish our Earth element and at the end of the month as we move into Fall a time to support our Metal element. Take time to nurture yourself by using one of these self-care tips. Notice what you have grown that is now ready to harvest. Receive what is truly yours, as you Deserve it!
Stress-Relieving Sound Therapy

This self-care technique that applies sound and vibration to acupuncture points can help you relax, relieve stress, and have a profound impact on your well-being.
Eeka King’s Journey with Acutonics®: Faculty Profile

Eeka King is an experienced acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner, nationally licensed (in Australia) with AHPRA and a member of AACMA. She has completed extensive training in astrology and has been a seeker of spiritual and esoteric wisdom since her teens. In clinical practice for more than fifteen years, she sees clients at Bayside Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic, Brunswick Heads (near Byron Bay), Australia and also offers Acutonics sessions from her private studio space. As a senior licensed Acutonics faculty member for the past six years, Eeka offers the full Acutonics curriculum. Many of her students are near completion of the full certification program, and she will be starting new groups through certification this fall. Her upcoming classes can be found below.
Acutonics® in August, Astrological Perspectives

Did you ever know that you’re my hero? You’re on a Healer’s Journey and Hero’s Quest at the same time. Most of us have had incredible experiences in our lives that have brought us to walk on this path. And I just wanted to say that I see you, honor you and love you. This August as we move deeper into the season of fire, let us live in love and let us create and nourish lasting connections that kindle our passions and support our soul’s purpose. This is a time to honor the unseen forces that hold us together and to give each other high fives and hugs for being so awesome. With our solar consciousness moving through Leo and into Virgo, the energetic of collaboration and bringing our best to the table is very present. So finding ways to help each other feel supported and connected are a priority as we are being energetically called to show up, act with authority and to succeed.
August 2019 Time for a Self-Care Fill Up

Welcome to August! Fire summer is coming to a close as we move into the period known as late summer or the Earth element here in the Northern Hemisphere. The heat of summer will be cooling off at the end of August or so we hope. Record highs have been reported all over the world. I believe one way to look at all this heat is to see it as a burning off of things we no longer need. This allows us to get closer to our own hearts and our true self. Then when harvest season arrives in just a few weeks we will be reaping the harvest of our true selves with a deeper connection to our hearts and Unity of All. Please continue practicing your own self-care. You are the support for many in your communities and to give as much as you do, YOU need to fill up! Please take time for a self-care FILL UP!
Accessing the Power of the Microcosmic Orbit

In Acutonics classes we emphasize the importance of the Microcosmic Orbit as a Taoist practice of inner alchemy. The co-mingling of heavenly and earthly energies facilitated by the activation of the orbit is considered to expand our connection to Source and the knowledge of the eternal nature of our being. It is a reflection of this eternal nature, manifesting in temporal reality.
Practitioner Profile - Laurie McDonald, Writer, Media Producer & Certified Acutonics® Practitioner

While preparing for an annual excursion to Brasil to see my daughter, I’m remembering a man I met there nearly five years ago. In January of 2014, the height of Brasil’s steamy summer, Alaine and I hiked the Atlantic Forest surrounding Paranapiacaba, a tiny railroad town near São Paulo that has seen better days. Per state park regulations, no one can enter the forest without a monitor ambiental (environmental monitor), and ours was a big, loquacious, adventuresome man named Marcos Vital.
The Relaxation Response with Acutonics®

A profound sense of relaxation seems to be an almost universal experience for those receiving an Acutonics session. Clients often comment that the relaxation they feel from harmonic “sound baths” is the only stress-free part of their day. We know that other Acutonics practitioners have had similar feedback and have observed the decreased tension reflected in the clients’ body language.

"Every cell in our body is a sound resonator. Every cell lives in a dynamic rhythmic pattern. Each organ has its own cycle and its own pulse. Each and every system has a cycle, rhythm, pattern, and pulse that exist in resonant harmony and sympathy to the cycles of the earth and the heavens. These body systems respond to sound vibration, as do our spiritual, mental, and emotional states of consciousness. "

- Donna Carey, LAc