Self-Care to Guide the Journey through 2020

I was recently blessed to be part of a panel for 2020, here in Nashville, TN. Participants included healers, psychics, card readers and astrologers. Each of us shared important information about 2020, offering assurances that the world we desire is being built and that we are changing to be the person we need to be in this new world. It will without question be a year of personal transformation; who we are today, will not be who we are in 2021. Our individual growth and transformation are key to the World’s transformation. If we want peace in the world, we must be peace inside our being, so that we vibrate peace at all times, and share it with the world. How well we embrace the ride will determine the way we experience the ups and down of 2020 and embody change.
Happy New Year 2020: The Year of Manifestation Through the Rare Triple Planetary Conjunction — The Three Treasures of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn Activating the Golden Elixir into the Golden Age

This New Year of 2020 marks a pivotal change for our home planet Earth, as well as our Cosmic reality, marking the end of an era and the initiation of a new era filled with golden opportunities. What will that new era be? What will we manifest through our consciousness for ourselves, our communities and our humanity for 2020? In Numerology, 2019 was represented by a 3-year, bringing us challenges, growth and change. For 2020, the base number is 4, offering us the same work as 2019, yet bringing what we focus on as manifest.
Cycles, Spirals, Time-Space and the Unified Field

In 3D reality we perceive time as a linear progression from past to present to future (space-time). From this perspective we are now at the beginning of not only a new year, but a new decade. That is a perception of time as discontinuous, that is, there is a distinct past separated from the present, which is separate from the future.
Student Profile - Amanda Simon, Acutonics® Intern

Although Amanda Simon is based in the United Kingdom, she has made many trips to the Mothership in New Mexico to complete her course work since beginning her Acutonics studies with Joanie Solaini in England in 2016. Currently, she is visiting with us to work on her thesis, her last remaining requirement to become a Certified Acutonics® Practitioner. Traveling to the US is not a hardship for Amanda as she has come to love the Southwestern United States, the people, light, indigenous cultures and wide open spaces. She has already forged many bonds of friendship with people in New Mexico.
December 2019 Astrological Perspective - The Capricorn Moment

As I write this December astrological contribution for the Acutonics newsletter we have been experiencing some substantial planetary synodic cycles during the course of November - round ups, repeats, returns and renewals. Mercury turned direct on the 20th November having been retrograde for the previous two weeks in Scorpio, trawling and hauling all manner of things from the dark and deep for re-consideration, re-flection.
Winter Solstice—Renewal and Becoming

Winter solstice is the time of the year that is most yin, the tipping point where extreme yin shifts toward the yang. The darkness of the days gives way to lengthening times of light. Even as winter begins, it starts moving toward the spring.
Self-Care Affirmations – Remembering our Illuminated Heart

Happy Holidays! December is the time of darkness, as we move towards Winter Solstice, when the light returns. During this time, we are guided to go within and cultivate our own light. This is a deep remembering of who we are. For me, this remembering is, “I am a Spirit having a human experience.” I easily forget this when I am out in the world. When we are connected to our own illuminated heart, we connect to others in this way, and bring more light to the world. As you spend time with family and friends, share with one another the gifts of light and love. I hope that you will take the time to go within and connect to your own unique luminosity with these self-care sessions. Fill yourself up, so that you can share your light and love with the world this holiday season.
Acutonics Student Profile: Olga Bettoni, Basel, Switzerland

Over the past twenty years, one of the most gratifying experiences for me personally has been the international growth of Acutonics and the opportunity to meet and work with students from around the globe. I just had the pleasure of meeting Olga Bettoni, who attended the new elective that I taught in the UK. Olga’s interest in Acutonics began while she was in acupuncture school.
November’s Astrological Weather

Aloha! Thank you for joining me this month to explore November’s astrological weather. In this newsletter contribution I address some key planetary, solar and lunar aspects to consider and utilize in personal and private practice. For clarity, I use the Tropical Zodiac to discuss these aspects. However, I also recommend doing some star and planet gazing in the early morning (Mars) and late evening (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn) as all of the visible planets will be easily found with the naked eye at the beginning of this month.
Self-Care Strategies to Promote Gratitude and Abundance

Welcome to November a month for gratitude and abundance. Many of us look out into the world and see only chaos. Nothing seems to be going smoothly and intense pressures fill the Earthly energy container. No one is immune from this pressure; as things all around us appear to be shifting and changing we require healthy strategies to ride this wave of change. This is a perfect time to plant seeds for what we want to create, so that we can be filled with light and positive energy. It is not possible to operate to our fullest potential if we are caught in the energetic vibration of scarcity. So, take time to listen to your body, rest and focus on what you want and fill yourself with including rich planetary vibrations.

"The first time I had your (Acutonics®) tuning forks placed on my body, I felt as though every cell, every tissue, every atom in my body was dancing for joy! Something in me came alive that had long been sleeping. Thank you, thank you, thank you for enabling the music of the spheres to be resounding my body."

- Sage Berrett
Learning Enhancement Specialist and creator of the Art of Balance, Inc.