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Summer: Season of the Heart

25 May, 2023
As we approach the Summer Solstice, the season of the fire element and the Heart, we are navigating extraordinary social, political, and spiritual challenges. Summer is a perfect time to focus on and nurture the fire element and heart energy. The natural frequency of the Heart is joy, compassion, love, optimism, and expansion. Our hearts are the doorway to limitless potential.

Inner Working ll: Blank Spaces

27 Feb, 2023
From a new poetry collection: Dreaming with Elk

Moving from Water into Wood

27 Feb, 2023
As the cold winter days come to an end and we transition into the new season of spring, it's a great time to reflect on the element of water and its transformation into wood as well as the significance of these elements in our lives.

The Hun, Reconnect to Vision and Purpose

27 Feb, 2023
The whispers of Spring awaken the energy of the Wood Element, the Green Dragon and enliven the liver energy. It is the time when the Earth brings forth manifestation from the potentiality stored in the seed. It is also a good time to connect with the Hun, the spirit of the liver.

The Art of Spiritual Acupuncture, Sacral-Cranial Touch, Plant Spirits and the Cosmos By Debra Kaatz

18 Jan, 2023
The Art of Spiritual Acupuncture, Sacral-Cranial Touch, Plant Spirits and the Cosmos the new book by Debra Kaatz has completed its long journey across the ocean and we are happy to report that it is in stock and will be offered at a small discount in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

Everywhere (Fulfillment), From Dreaming with Elk

18 Dec, 2022
Each journey Each day Each rock Each way

Inscriptions I: Thirsty Fields

15 Nov, 2022
Suddenly thirsty fields with poring rain

The Season of the Water Element - Cycling into the Deep Nourishing Yin

15 Nov, 2022
The season of the Yin Feminine Water Element shows up as the dark time that pulls us inward, into our self, to be still. She pulls us into places of shelter to be warm, and then asks us to listen closely to the wisdom that whispers when we are quiet. During this time, we begin our descent into the dark season that rests.

Winter Solstice—Stillness and Renewal

15 Nov, 2022
In the cycle of seasons, with the approach of Winter Solstice we enter the time of year that is most yin. This is the tipping point where the zenith of yin begins its shift toward yang. The spark of the yin fire quickens, and the darkness of the days begins to give way to lengthening times of light. Even as winter begins, there is movement toward the energy of spring. In the Pagan tradition, it is the time when the goddess becomes The Great Mother and births The Sun King.

Self-Care Classes with Acutonics

20 Sep, 2022
Both workshops are offered live on Zoom with senior Acutonics Licensed Faculty Member and Certified Acutonics® Practitioner, Mary Burke Kelly.

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