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Late Summer, the Yi Spirit and Manifestation

14 Aug, 2023
Late Summer, the Yi Spirit and Manifestation

Jude Ponton, DC, MAc, LAc, Senior Licensed Acutonics Instructor, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner

Summer, the height of yang, activates and amplifies the energy of insights, ideas and visions that were set in Spring. In Late Summer, this energy consolidated by the Earth element is realized as manifestation in a tangible form. Intention and vision are waveforms in the higher vibrational realms that must be acted upon before they can take shape in particle/physical reality.

The Earth element is associated with the physical experience of our bodies, the way we perceive the world through our senses and our thoughts. It supports the function of the Spleen and Stomach, digestion and assimilation of food, information, ideas, and dreams. Being grounded into the depths of Mother Earth gives us the ability to consolidate the more etheric vibratory forms so we can connect with them on a three-dimensional level. Waves becomes particle reality. We bring our thoughts into being.

Think about all that the energy of the Earth that is busy creating, both on and under its mantle.  Consider the action of roots that feed the plants and bind the structure of the soil into solid form. Envision the billions of creatures, bacteria, mosses, and fungi all enlivened and coordinated by the energetic efforts of the Earth. This is the unlimited power for creation and harmony that we connect to when we become more aware of the magic of the Earth.

The spirits of the Earth element are the Yi. These are the spirits that empower our intentions and provide the energy of consolidation that supports the matrix for manifestation into 3D reality. They receive the frequencies of our Heart’s desires, our plans, and visions, and support our ability to materialize them in tangible form. The Yi nurture intention, purpose, integrity, and clear thought. They are the supporting spirits of reality creation and the ability to realize our dreams.

Here are some ideas for connecting with our dreams and visions and bringing them to expression.

To connect to and activate our vision from the unified field, sound the HF Jupiter and HF Sun 1 over the solar plexus and heart chakras, to empower manifestations of our intentions and desires. Transform and ground these energies into the physical with the middle octave Ohm/Jupiter 4th on Ren 17 to expand the desires of the heart and connect with the Earth and ED/Nibiru on Ren 12 to create a matrix for manifestation of the intentions.

The Chong EV is the first vessel to emerge from Source and is connected to the manifestation of our destiny. The New Moon 5th interval can be used for opening the channel, followed by the Earth Day 5th to build energy for nourishing the Earth and the Yi, and Hygiea/Nibiru to create a multidimensional matrix for manifesting our vision.

On the Yin Wei use the Venus/Earth Day to support the loving energy field of the Heart and the Jupiter/Sun to expand the unconditional creative energy of love. SP 3 (Supreme White) is the source point of the Spleen and accesses the Yi spirit. The Earth Day 5th can be used to nourish and support the Yi and Mars/Venus assists in creative manifestation.

UB 20 (Spleen Shu) provides strong support of Spleen energy. The Earth Day 5th and Saturn/Venus provide sustenance and support to the creative Yi spirit.

Applying Venus/Hygiea to the 3 Treasures (Du 20/Ren 4/ Ren 17) creates multidimensional coherence of body, mind and spirit and supports integration of heavenly and earthly qi in particle reality.

Jude Ponton, DC, LAc, MAc is in clinical practice in the Seattle area offering in person and remote sessions. She teaches the full Acutonics curriculum, several electives, and one-on-one tutorials in person and on Zoom. She can be reached at 206-706-2836,,