Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

News for September, 2017

West Coast Acutonics 2017 Acutonics Camp and Upcoming Classes

1 Sep, 2017
Katie Mink and Laurie Herron of West Coast Acutonics hosted the 4th Annual Acutonics Camp in Mt Shasta, California, July 28 – 31. Campers came from as far away as Taiwan and the Yukon and it was a wonderful, harmonious event with great food, excellent teaching, and mentoring. Jill Davis wrote: “Thank you so much for sharing your camp experience and beautiful lake with me! I took away a sense of peace and greater self-awareness that I truly needed. I'm looking forward to next year’s camp”.

Tuning-In to The Power of the Microcosmic Orbit

1 Sep, 2017
In Acutonics classes we emphasize the importance of the Microcosmic Orbit as a Taoist practice of inner alchemy. The co-mingling of heavenly and earthly energies facilitated by the activation of the orbit is considered to expand our connection to Source and the knowledge of the eternal nature of our being. It’s a reflection of this eternal nature, manifesting in temporal reality. The practice of circulating qi in the Microcosmic Orbit acts to transform the denser energy of three-dimensional reality to a more etheric, higher frequency form of energy. It elicits conscious awareness of our nature as beings made up of light and information.