Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine


Planet Gongs are rich in overtones and undertones, tuned to a natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the Earth, Moon, Sun and Planets. All of these gongs resonate in harmony with the celestial bodies and communicate a distinct aspect of the Music of the Spheres, which was first written about by Pythagoras in the 6th Century BC. Their complex vibrations support the body's natural frequencies to promote optimal health at a deep level. The planets also embody significant archetypal, astrological, and mythological associations, which provide a gateway back to our natural state of connectedness with the physical, emotional and spiritual world. When sounded, we physically connect to the strength and power of their resonance, sympathy and correspondences.

Gongs help to create sanctuary for ceremony, rituals, and renewal. Have you ever walked into a place where you just felt calm, or reassured as though the cares of the world just drop away from you? It's the sort of place that strikes a deep chord, providing an elusive sense of something remembered, something deep, something that you can't quite find the words or sense of wonder to describe. You feel at home, peaceful, embraced by the energy of this sacred place. This is the kind of energy or at-one-ment that is embodied when we activate these powerful instruments. The space feels sacred, the walls glow with a warm light, and the room is surrounded with softly glowing metallic spheres, which are actually planetary gongs, precision calibrated and tuned to the orbital properties of the Earth, Moon, Sun and other Planets. The gongs range in size from 24” to 38” in diameter and the extraordinary sounds and vibrations created when they are sounded alone or in concert are rich with undertones and overtones that represent the Music of the Spheres, something that has been written about by poets, writers and visionaries as far back as Pythagoras. When they are sounded they embrace us with a richness that is at once allusive and familiar, ancient and soothing, our body longs to hear and be embraced by these sounds, and to re attune with the harmonies of the universe.

Sound sanctuaries can be created with just one gong, or with many. It can be a permanent installation or a traveling sound bath. Wherever you place they gongs they can be used for meditation, yoga, movement, and healing work with individuals, families and groups. It is a place of involution and sanctuary where one can find a deep sense of peace, and both personal and collective attunement. Start with just one gong and feel the difference.