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Jupiter Low Fork

Jupiter Low Fork

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Jupiter represents expansion, abundance, and optimism, the benevolent father. Its approximate note is F# and its Zodiacal Rulership is Sagittarius.

Deity: Zeus/Jupiter

Ohm/Jupier Interval: Creates a perfect 4th that reaches and expands.

Intervallic Personality: The Ohm/Jupiter 4th Interval, with the natural optimistic qualities of the Jupiter archetype, stimulates growth, abundance, and expansion on all levels.

Themes & Keywords: Pursuit of personal growth, expansion, desire for adventure, going beyond previous limits, appetite, excess, gluttony and hedonism, faith, spirituality, religion, higher education, long-distance travel, philosophy, search for meaning, grace and expansion, the moral codes of society, reliance on higher power, optimism, abundance, prosperity, aspirations, philanthropy

Anatomical Correspondences: Liver, glycogen metabolism, digestive system, arterial system, eyes and vision, ligaments and tendons, posterior lobe of the pituitary gland, sciatic nerve, hips and thighs

Physiological Actions: Expansion and growth, healing, creating harmony, restorative, recuperative, assimilation, production of heat and regulation of temperature, phagocytosis