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Ohm Planet Gong - 38”

Ohm Planet Gong - 38”

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The Ohm (Earth) gong resonates at the approximate musical note of C# and represents the movement of the earth through a full solar year.

Ohm Qualities: Balancing, integrating, rooting, all encompassing
Ohm Therapeutics: Grounds and balances
Ohm in Ceremony: Heals the Earth; builds community; promotes synthesis and alignment with the Earth
Ohm in Concert: Ohm is used with Sun for Solstice and Equinox ceremonies

The Ohm Earth gong is the fundamental healing gong in the planetary series. It addresses our most basic needs and functions, providing a sound context for us to become whole and grounded. The Ohm (Earth) gong creates a deep vibration of sustenance and belonging. It nourishes on a soul level, reconnecting us with our innate wisdom and revealing the divine path that lies before our higher selves so that we can fulfill our destinies on planet Earth. In a therapeutic setting, the Ohm (Earth) gong creates an environment of deep relaxation and attunement, increasing our receptivity to transmissions from other realms and dimensions. It creates healing around issues of fear and attachment and facilitates an acceptance of the inevitability of powerful transitions such as death and rebirth. Light and dark, spring and fall, summer and winter and all of the archetypal polarities that make up our world are brought together in a sublime balance, providing us with setting for understanding our greater place in the profound and vast body of the universe.

Recommended Mallet: M6