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Yellow Citrine Gem Tip

Yellow Citrine Gem Tip

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Harmonic Keynote: Empowerment
Elemental Association: Fire

Yellow Citrine is associated with stability, reliability, confidence and grounding and does not hold or accumulate negative energy. Called the stone of abundance, it supports manifestation on the physical plane. The bright yellow color was believed to promote prosperity and lift the spirits.

This gem is a generator used to enhance creative energy and spirit at the core. Excellent for balancing yin and yang energy, it activates, energizes and provides a sense of clarity; it brightens the way, and activates the Naval (REN 4, Origin Pass) and Solar Plexus Chakras (REN 12, Central Venter) and is used on the Crown Chakra (DU 20, Gate of 1000 Ancestors) to awaken the higher mind and provide a gateway to essence.

Ohm Mid, Ohm Low Bored Out and Sedna Mid, Sedna Low Bored Out gem-tip forks sold separately.