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Zodiac Earth Planet Gong - 30”

Zodiac Earth Planet Gong - 30”

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The Zodiac Earth gong resonates at the approximate musical note of F. Zodiac represents the vibration of the earth in its travel through all the signs of the Zodiac, a cycle which takes 25,920 years.

Zodiac Earth Qualities: Expansive, meditative, wisdom gathering, supportive of alignment with larger cycles of time and enduring experiences
Zodiac Earth Therapeutics: Releases tension; breaks up blocked or stagnant energy; aligns the body and mind with larger cycles of time
Zodiac Earth in Ceremony: Supports group mediation and aids in the release of things that no longer serve the greater community

The frequencies that emanate from the Zodiac Earth gong help to free energy that is “stuck”, releasing a psychological inability to feel motivated or to embody constructive change. Immersion in a sound bath of Zodiac Earth helps to create a sense of comfort and balance, returning us to a deep and centered awareness of what it means to have a bodily manifestation on our home planet. Used in a therapeutic setting, the earth gong creates a sound environment that fosters connectedness and integration, stimulating and regenerating the entire immune system. It heals feelings of fragmentation, stagnation and low vitality, characterized by an expression of “feeling lost.”

Recommended Mallets: M4 or M5