Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Blue Topaz Gem Tip

Blue Topaz Gem Tip

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Harmonic Keynote: Communication
Elemental Association: Ether

Designed for use with the Sedna Middle, Sedna Low Bored Out Tuning Fork, or the Ohm Middle Bored Out or Ohm Low Bored Out Gem Tip Tuning Forks.

Blue topaz is used to direct energy to where it is needed most—to soothe, stimulate, recharge, motivate and align the meridians of the body; to increase confidence, openness, honesty, self-realization and inner wisdom; to support capacity for compassion, true love, understanding, communication and personal expansion; to induce relaxation, decrease tension, and speed up spiritual development; to promote forgiveness for oneself and others, and to enhance the ability to give one's pain to a Higher Power for healing; aids digestion, fortifies nerves, stimulates metabolism and enhances the creative process.

Ohm and Sedna gem-tip forks sold separately.