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Acutonics Ohmworks®: Chiron Middle Unison Set

Acutonics Ohmworks®: Chiron Middle Unison Set

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The Acutonics® Chiron Middle Unison Tuning Forks initiate us into a journey rich in mythology, archetypes, and powerful healing themes. We are invited to explore our own wounded healer, and to examine the unique potential we each have to reconnect deeply with our role as Earth Stewards. This is a big order, requiring us to first move beyond the physical or familial wounds that bind us, to create new blueprints for health and well-being. Embracing these deep insights, we are able to direct healing both inward and outward to others and to the planet itself.

The Middle Chiron Tuning Fork (mid fork, with feet) symbolizes Chiron’s time on Earth, his role as an Earth Steward. The Unison reinforces are access to this rich earthly representation of Chiron and our own roles as Earth Stewards. The Unison supports us as we lift and release deeply buried wounds and expand our present state of awareness, of self, community, and planet. The Chiron Middle Unison aids in the design of new matrixes of health and holism approached from a place of empathy and compassion.

Includes two identical Chiron Tuning Forks, instructions pamphlet and a storage pouch.

For easy activation, pair with Acutonics Belted Acuvator or Acutonics Table Top.