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Earth Day Planet Gong - 28”

Earth Day Planet Gong - 28”

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The Earth Day gong resonates at the approximate musical note of G. Earth Day represents the vibration of the earth as it moves through its 24 hour Sidereal Day.

Earth Day Qualities: Regulating, consolidating, generating
Earth Day Therapeutics: Generates energy; regulates cycles; builds and strengthens; consolidates energy; aids in realignment with 24-hour cycle; treats jetlag
Earth Day in Ceremony: Used to generate new ideas and intentions, to uplift a community

The Earth Day gong summons feelings of initiation and birthing. It clears the air for a fresh start, providing a sound bath that draws on our sense of newness, limitless possibility and the infinite creativity of being alive. Its tonal qualities deepen our ability to concentrate, clear the mental clutter of daily distractions and recharge our system to begin anew as each day dawns. This is a wonderful gong to use at home, beginning each day with a sound cleansing.

Recommended Mallet: M4