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Asteroid Ceres

Asteroid Ceres

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Ceres - Goddess of Grain, Nurturer and Mother (Vulnerable Goddess)
Alternative Name: Demeter
Associated Planet: Moon
Feminine Archetype: Mother; Ceres is probably more akin to the Dark Mother
Color: Pigeon Blue
Element: Water
Jungian Function: Feeling
Feminine Function: Creating, supporting, sustaining physical progeny, physical nurturing - food
Woman's Relationship: Mother
Woman's Stereotype: "Mom" at home cooking in kitchen, cleaning the house, nursing the family, living for/through children

Keywords: Mother, provider of physical, psychological, and spiritual nourishment to others, generosity and giving, nurturing, maternal instinct, protective, fruitfulness, persistence, cyclically of nature, fertility, overseer of helping profession—teaching, medicine, counseling, activator and source of spiritual food.

Alternative Modes of Expression: Teachers/educations of children, children's services, issues of prolife, midwifery, humane childbirth; farming/gardening, food-related services, nutrition, health awareness; single parenting as conscious choice; world hunger/relief; death, dying, hospice work.

Recommended Mallet: Red Mallet - BBB9