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Purple Amethyst Gem Tip

Purple Amethyst Gem Tip

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Harmonic Keynote: Perception
Elemental Association: Light

Amethyst is a meditation stone that calms the mind and provides access to a transcendental state, the breath of life, and peace. Use to protect and transform psychic attacks and negative energy into something positive and loving.

Amethyst is used to calm the Shen, promote balance within the head and brain, relieve over-thinking, headaches, reduce insomnia, and connect the higher mind. Use to assist assimilation of new information, soothe skin conditions, strengthen the skeletal system, and activate the Crown Chakra (DU 20, Gate of 1000 Ancestors) to provide a gateway to the Divine spirit.

Ohm Mid, Ohm Low Bored Out and Sedna Mid, Sedna Low Bored Out gem-tip forks sold separately.