Pluto Oil

Pluto Oil
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Pluto is also Hades, which in Greek means "invisible," and is Lord of the Underworld. This hidden power is connected with the personal[VC1] , psychological and sexual. Pluto is especially important in the ability to grow, struggle, survive crisis, and creatively break down old patterns while building anew to a higher octave of consciousness. Pluto teaches that growth and transcendence are possible even through struggle and conflict.

Applications: Use for issues of deep transformation, sexual energies, and the reproductive organs. Pluto is helpful for accessing deep emotional patterns that are often in the unconscious.

Ingredients: Orange, Frankincense, Patchouli, Black Pepper, Rosewood, Ravensara, Clove, Ylang Ylang

10 ml (1/3 oz)

"When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my world went into a crazy spin. I was suddenly thrust into a foreign land of doctors, drugs, and medical treatments. Elle a recent breast cancer survivor herself, offered to help me with Acutonics sound healing treatments. Not knowing what to expect, I dragged myself in after my first round of chemotherapy. Elle went to work treating parts of my internal body like my liver to not only help with the side effects of the drugs, but to balance and ground me as well."

- Sandy, Boulder