Carnelian Gem Tip

Carnelian Gem Tip
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Harmonic Keynote: Fertility
Elemental Association: Water

Carnelian can be used for any sacral issues. It stimulates, alleviates, balances and heals the female reproductive system, increases fertility, revitalizes the core and strengthens the low back. Supports immune function, detoxification and mental clarity and resolves hormonal imbalances. Is a stimulus for creativity.

Associated with the lower back and the 2nd chakra.

Ohm and Sedna gem-tip forks sold separately.

"I have experienced both immediate physical and continued, profound deep changes with Acutonics. Immediate, obvious physical changes include ongoing relief from arthritis in my hands that had literally bent a few of my fingers to the side, release of continual, deeply held stress in my body, lightening of my worries, relief from long-standing sciatica pain, lowering of my blood pressure, and TMJ release. The more subtle … change is a deep, sustained, slow building inner calm."

- Barbara Galbraith, Nashville, TN