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Winter Self-Care - Tips Find the Light Within

15 Nov, 2022
Winter is here in all her glory, just as longer, warmer days embrace the Southern hemisphere. The Earth in all her wisdom, seeks balance between the hemispheres. Our human bodies also look for balance, especially after the recent retrograde events that shook many to their core. Past trauma, old memories and stuffed emotions are stirred up. Winter, a time to go inward, invites us to dive deeper into past wounds, to redefine who we are to heal and move forward into 2023 lighter, clearer, and resonant to all the things we desire.
Winter Self-Care - Tips Find the Light Within

Judy Bernard, EAMP, MAc, LAc, Senior Licensed Faculty

As light dims on the outside, allow the light to dim on the inside, too, so that emotions rise up to be released. During these dark moments light has the greatest capacity to illuminate. When you release negative emotions that no longer resonate what do you invite in. If you want world peace you must first create peace within. Are you over critical of yourself? Self judgement can be experienced by our bodies as violent thoughts or feelings. Reflect on where this judgment hides? Whose voice is criticizing? Pull it out by the roots and replace it with your own peaceful, kind, loving voice that resonates with peace and vibrates out to the world. This is just one example; many others are possible.

The key is to allow your feelings to flow, the Mid Full Moon 6th is great to listen to while this process is happening. The Mid Full Moon 6th fills us with light, safety, and completion. Sit with the emotions that rise up, be curious about what they reveal. Mid New Moon 5th opens the doorway for movement. Use this combination on the Chong Mai to keep the feeling flowing and to access, pull release the root. Open the Ren Mai with Mid Mars/Venus 5th to balance Yang and Yin and call forth what you wish to see more of in you and the world. Use Ohm or Sedna in your field and on Kidney 1 to ground in the new way of being. This method will work with any emotion that is rising up, ready to be released and cleared. Allow yourself to change the fork combinations and the points. Trust that you know what you need. Remember to reach out if you feel overwhelmed, we are not here to do this alone.

If you feel these emotions add the following points to your session.

Depression, Lack of Light and Joy: Mid Jupiter/Sun on ST 36, LIV 3 and LI 4

Loneliness, Abandonment of Self: Mid Ohm and Venus on Ren Mai, SI 19 and KID 24

One Day at a Time. Moment by Moment: Mid Ohm/Mid Sedna on KID 1, Ren 12 and Ren 17

Embrace the Darkness. Shine the Light Within: Mid Full Moon 6th on UB 1 and UB 6

Trauma Integration. Strength and Protection: Mid Mars/Venus P 6, SJ 5 and Ren 17

Increased Connection to Heaven Human Earth: Three Treasures. If you feel ungrounded, start with Heaven Du 20, move to Human Ren 17 and then Earth Ren 4. Mid Ohm is great for this. If you are identifying with Earth too much, go from Earth, Ren 4 to Human Ren 17 and to Heaven Du 20. Mid Sedna is prefect for this as we move to the new dimensions. Hygeia is another great choice.

Judy Bernard is offering a New Elective: Gems: Diving into the Earth for the light within. It will be offered in 2023 at the beginning of the year. New Online Clinics are forming and online classes available that work with your schedule. Start creating your personal journey in Acutonics Now:  or call/text Judy: 253-593-4751