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Self-Care Affirmations posts for February, 2023

The Shifting Energy of Spring – Self-Care

27 Feb, 2023
Are you already feeling the new frequencies and shifting energies of Spring? Perhaps there have been unprovoked emotional uprisings. This is a time to release emotions, beliefs, patterns, and old memories that no longer serve as we move into the Age of Aquarius. Clear the density of the old to make room for the new. While we may not know what the new will be or how it will look, we do know how it will feel. It brings higher vibrations, so it will feel peaceful, light, calming, joyful, understanding and loving. At first these feelings will not be constant but over time we will feel them more and more. We will be gaining consciousness to recognize when we do feel them and develop the tools to shift our energies to embrace them. As we shed our old selves, we may experience rapid changes in emotions that rise up to be examined then released.