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Self-Care Affirmations posts for December, 2019

Self-Care Affirmations – Remembering our Illuminated Heart

1 Dec, 2019
Happy Holidays! December is the time of darkness, as we move towards Winter Solstice, when the light returns. During this time, we are guided to go within and cultivate our own light. This is a deep remembering of who we are. For me, this remembering is, “I am a Spirit having a human experience.” I easily forget this when I am out in the world. When we are connected to our own illuminated heart, we connect to others in this way, and bring more light to the world. As you spend time with family and friends, share with one another the gifts of light and love. I hope that you will take the time to go within and connect to your own unique luminosity with these self-care sessions. Fill yourself up, so that you can share your light and love with the world this holiday season.