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Self-Care Affirmations posts for November, 2021

Acutonics Self-Care Tips – Autumn 2021

6 Nov, 2021
In autumn our world becomes darker here in the Northern Hemisphere. As the Sun rests, we are also being called to rest and realign, and to create more nourishing light within ourselves to shine out into the World. Remember the power of your Acutonics tools to bring light. When we take care of ourselves first, we have more to give, which is very important as we move into the giving season. Take the time now to care for yourself, create a regular routine to follow, use your intuition to discern what you most need at every level, body, mind, and spirit, then act on it. Peace, love, and kindness are qualities that start within, as we become them, we are better able to share them as we move through our daily lives. The World needs more of these qualities, starting with you. Give them to yourself today!