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Self-Care Affirmations posts for February, 2020


27 Feb, 2020
Coronavirus is one of the many viruses that cause disease in mammals and aviary communities, namely bats and birds. In humans it attacks the respiratory tract causing infections as mild as the common cold and as serious as deaths from pneumonia and attacks on other organ systems. The COVID-19 has gone global and is just short of being called a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Self-Care Tips To Flow From Winter To Spring

27 Feb, 2020
We are in Winter the element of water. this is a time to go deep within, to fill ourselves up with the wisdom of the Earth and the deep knowingness of who we really are. Take the next couple weeks to be curious and brave as you dive deeply into the mystery of the primordial waters of you. Go out in nature and feel the energy of mother Earth, for she is also deeply within. Use this time to feel into the structure and strength of all beings, especially yourself. Spring is just around the corner and the wisdom you gather here in winter will be a guiding, connecting force for planting new seeds of creation in April.