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Self-Care Affirmations posts for September, 2021

Self-Care with the Earth Element

2 Sep, 2021
As we shift into late summer, chaos in the world seems to be increasing globally, which brings forth qualities of the Earth element such as worry, pensiveness and chaos, yet what it craves is peace. Our bodies are of the Earth and seek calm. When the world is crazy and feels a bit unsafe, it is an opportunity to go within to connect with our own inner peace. Direct your focus to the vibration of peace, this creates a rippling effect on those around you, families, friends, and the greater community. To become this vibration, take time to rest, eat well, tune-up with your tools and find a still point. As our vibration shifts, we will need different vibrations, all of which we have at our fingertips. As you journey inward feel what forks call to you. What points on your body are asking to be activated? Trust your intuition and yourself. YOU are peaceful!