Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Self-Care Affirmations posts for August, 2019

Stress-Relieving Sound Therapy

29 Aug, 2019
ON A WALK THROUGH our 35-acre property, you'll hear and see chimes, bells, and gongs. We've surrounded ourselves with nature and music, and when we founded the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine (, we never imagined that our model for the direct application of sound vibration in all aspects of life would relocate from Seattle, Washington, to the mountains of rural northern New Mexico to better carry out that mission.

August 2019 Time for a Self-Care Fill Up

1 Aug, 2019
Welcome to August! Fire summer is coming to a close as we move into the period known as late summer or the Earth element here in the Northern Hemisphere. The heat of summer will be cooling off at the end of August or so we hope. Record highs have been reported all over the world. I believe one way to look at all this heat is to see it as a burning off of things we no longer need. This allows us to get closer to our own hearts and our true self. Then when harvest season arrives in just a few weeks we will be reaping the harvest of our true selves with a deeper connection to our hearts and Unity of All. Please continue practicing your own self-care. You are the support for many in your communities and to give as much as you do, YOU need to fill up! Please take time for a self-care FILL UP!