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Self-Care Affirmations

Weekly Self Care for February 2018

1 Feb, 2018
Tis the season for the Flu: Time for an Immune boost! Start with Ohm Unison on KID 1, breath in and feel the vibration and your breath meet. Repeat 3 times, allow the vibration to completely run out. Follow with Full Moon 6th on LU 9 and LU 1.
Weekly Self Care for February 2018

From Senior Faculty Member Judy Bernard

Flu: Tis the season for the Flu: Time for an Immune boost! Start with Ohm Unison on KID 1, breathe in and feel vibration and breath meet. Repeat 3 times, allowing the vibration to completely run out. Follow with Full Moon 6th on LU 9 and LU 1. Since this time of year can be dry use the Full Moon 6th to add moisture and strength to the lungs and to resist the virus. Next strengthen the physical body with the Solar 7th on ST 36, one of the best immune points on the body. End with Ohm Octave on KID 1. For a daily boost: Solar 7th on ST 36 and breathe in the Sun Essential Oil.

Connect to Your Heart: Use Mid/Low/HF Venus and Chiron on REN 17 which takes you into the palace of the heart, where our inner child lives. Now place the same forks on LIV 3 and KID 3 to remove separation and connect to source. Follow with Mid Venus/Mars on P 6 and SJ 5. Now fill your field up with HF Venus and Mars. Followed by HF Sedna for Unity.

Hip Pain: Use the Mid Zodiac 3rd on the DAI MAI (open GB 41, balance on SJ 5) then walk the forks down the Gall Bladder Channel on GB 30, GB 34, GB 39, GB 40. Use these same points again and apply in sequence Mid Jupiter/Venus, Mid Jupiter/Sun, Mid Saturn/Sun, Ohm Unison.

Back Pain: Apply these intervals in a progression Mid Zodiac 3rd, Mid NM 5th, Mid Mars/Venus, and Mid Venus/Saturn to the following points LIV 3, KID 1, the DU MAI (open SI 3, balance UB 62) REN MAI (open LU 7, balance KID 6), UB 10, and UB 60. Place a Singing Bowl on REN 4, REN 6 and in the Baliao. HF FM 6th over 1st and 2nd Chakras, then Mid FM 6th on KID 6 and KID 1. Use Mid Solar 7th on ST 36. End with Mid Ohm Octave on DU 20, KID 6 and KID 1. 

Acutonics® Online Clinic Forums are forming for February and March with Certified Acutonics® Practitioner and Senior Licensed Faculty Member Judy Bernard.
Expand your understanding of the Planets and Cosmos while you earn clinic hours toward your Acutonics Certification. This month-long class will meet online for 2 hours each week to talk about a case of your choice. Cases will be organized by using the Acutonics case study format. You will dive deep into the harmonic signatures present in each case. The rich blend of others knowledge and skill sets, and diverse client disharmonies provide a great forum for an open discussion of Acutonics ability to transform disharmony into health. The duration of treatment will be determined through a discussion of individual cases. Treatment Plans will look at each case individually, including acupoint selection, use of the extraordinary vessels, and tuning fork choices. The integration of other tools, such as Acutonics High and Low Frequency Tuning Forks, Gem Tips, Harmonic Essential Oils® and singing bowls, will also be part of case planning. Each week you will present your case findings and receive feedback on other treatment ideas. Treatments will be crafted to build on these prior experiences, offering continuity of care.

The goals for the online clinic forum are:
Deepen your knowledge of Acutonics
Increase your confidence in assessment and treatment
Blend your skills in Acutonics with your other healing modalities.
Enhance your Intuition and combine it with practical skills and knowledge
Explore continuity of care  
Earn clinic hours toward your Acutonics® Certification.

Included in this class will be a Facebook closed group allowing us to stay connected in between classes and a place to post the case studies. The class will be kept small to ensure personal attention and interaction. Please call/text Judy at 253-593-4751 or email her at to get more information.