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The Calling of Hygiea

25 May, 2023
The planetary alignments taking place this year are amazing but can be challenging to navigate. Old memories, thoughts, and beliefs that we didn’t even know were there, may be stirred up. This is an opportunity to look deep within to release anything that is heavy and outdated.
The Calling of Hygiea

Judy Bernard, EAMP, MAc, LAc, Senior Licensed Faculty

Hygeia aids us in this purification, supporting our movement toward our highest potential. She leads the way, creates ease in the process and brings harmony within our personal solar system via the planets. Hygeia will also clear what we believe has already been released but may have left a residual imprint in our field. Plus, she elevates all the planets to their highest potential as they resonate within us. Take some time for yourself every day. Breath, hydrate and listen to the planetary forks that are calling to you and pair them with Hygeia to receive them at their purest form. Trust you intuition. Our planetary tools are here to support us and our clients. As we guide others during these transformational times, please take time for your personal healing.

High Frequency Hygeia forks or chimes over all your chakras. Mid forks of Venus and Jupiter on the Yin Wei, GB 34, REN 17. 

High Frequency Hygeia forks or chimes in field. Mid Hygeia forks on DU 20 and KID 1. Full Moon 6th on LIV 3, LI 4, REN 4, REN 6.

High Frequency Hygeia forks or chimes in field. Mid Jupiter and Sun on P 6, SJ 5, SP 6, REN 17

Mid Hygeia and Full Moon on Chong Mai, GB 21, LU 3, LU 1, KID 24, REN 17, REN 14, REN 12, REN 6, REN 4, KID 3, KID 1.

Mid Hygeia and Sun on DU Mai, REN Mai, and Three Treasures. High Frequencies of Hygeia and Sun in field.

During these challenging times Judy offers community support through individual online healing sessions and group clinic hours (max 4 students). In these sessions you can be your own client and get clinic hours.  Moving through these times together creates a synergy of ease, hope, and peace.

Judy is also offering a free online healing forum on June 11th at 2PM
HYGIEA the Purification of our Beings
This forum will be informational, and a Hygiea Activation with the Hygeia gong will also be offered. To receive the recording, you must register.

For more information on these offerings or to work with Judy. Reach out to Judy at 253-593-4751 text/call or email: