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September 2022 Self Care Tips!

19 Sep, 2022
The Earth is transforming. We see it in our weather, from droughts, floods, fires and so many other Natural Disasters. We call them disasters because of the way they affect us humans, yet we could also view them as a way Mother Earth rebalances herself. Our bodies are the representation of Earth.
September 2022 Self Care Tips!

Judy Bernard, EAMP

What we encounter in the outside world is happening on our inside world and visa versa. When we think of droughts, could that be dryness within our bodies, felt as stiff and achy joints or perhaps at a deeper meaning the dryness of our spirit? The energy of Fall is dryness, take a moment to notice where in your body, your life and your spirit feels dry, brittle and perhaps fragile. You may be feeling hot and fiery within. The record heat waves outside, has an affect on us. Our emotions may move like fire, shifting and changing quickly from anger, rage to peacefully hopefully, then to grief and sadness of all the hardships we are witnessing in the world. Let your emotions flow. Do not hang onto them, let them move. Don’t let them wear you down or attach meaning to them. Many of these emotions are the collective unconscious not yours. When the emotion feels very strong, that emotion is in a resonant state. Within you, resides that same emotion and is beckoning for recognition and healing. Remaining grounded, centered will allow you to be the eye in the storm. Take time for yourself everyday. Go out in nature, tune yourself up and let the little things in life fill you up with gratitude.

These simple tips can be used on their own or added to a complete healing session.

Dryness in Joints (pain in joints, cracking joints, red joints)
Mid Full Moon 6th on LIV 5, directly on joints that are painful

Dryness in Lungs (dry cough, allergies)
Mid Full Moon 6th on LU 1, LU 2, LU 9, KID 3

Dryness in Spirit (grief, saddens, despair)
Mid Full Moon 6th on LU 3, KID 24, Yin Qiao Mai

Hot and Fiery Within (hot flashes, Internal heat)
New Moon 5th KID 1, LIV 3, LI 4
New Moon 6th LU1, LIV 14, ST 36, K3

Anger, Rage (uncontrollable emotional uprisings)
New Moon 5th KID 1, LIV 3, LI 4
Mid Mars and Venus KID 1, LIV 3, LI 4
Mid Full Moon 6th SP 6

Cooling the Outside Heat (feeling faint, dizzy, uncomfortable in body due to heat)
Mid New Moon 5th on LU 5, LI 11, KID 10, UB 40

Emotions Flow (keep moving the emotions through)
Mid New Moon 5th LI 4, LIV 3, LU1, LIV 14

Healing Your Emotions
Mid Full Moon 6th REN 17, LIV 3, LI 4, KID 23, KID 24, KID 25, REN 17

Boundaries (separating You from the outside world)
Mid Mars and Venus PC 6 (Venus) SJ 5 (Mars)

Low OHM KID 1, REN 4, REN 12
Low Sedna KID 3, REN 6
Mid Venus and Sedna REN 17

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