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Self-Care Affirmations

Have Forks will Travel!

1 Mar, 2022
As things in the world re-open and we emerge from our Covid cocoons, many report experiencing day-to-day activities differently than in the past. The pressure of everyday life has been intense and turbulent at times, often oscillating between high vibrational days and new lows, deeply felt and oft times confusing. There is a sense of being pushed and pulled at the same time, often raising questions about whether we are being called to up-level our life on Earth. What does this mean, how do we do it? Fortunately, we have been preparing for this and have tools at hand to transform current circumstances to a softer, kinder situation in our being.
Have Forks will Travel!

Judy Bernard, MAc, LAc, EAMP, Senior Acutonics Faculty, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner

Do not reserve Acutonics tools for your treatment spaces alone, it is time to be a Vibrational Activist, take them with you, to balance everyday life. Their vibratory energy can provide a great service, to uplift us to a vibrational place of calm to navigate these times in a kinder, compassionate, flowing way.

We all have Ohm forks, travel with them. I travel with Saturn/Venus in my cars driver’s side door pocket. Saturn helps me feel supported, solid, and safe. Venus helps me remember the sweetness in life, the rhythm of flow and peace. Together they create the interval of a 5th that opens the door for the magic of life to happen as I observe it flowing all around me every day.

Keep your forks safe. If you don’t have a bag to carry your forks in, socks work great, especially tube socks, with the extra padding. Don’t forget your activator.

As you travel with your forks think about the beauty of quick easy solutions for what you experience. Any combination of forks will work on these points just use what you have with you. Start with listening to them, take a deep breath and do a couple of points. This is all it takes to shift your being.

Anxiety to heart connection, safety, compassion, and love flows through you and from you.  Mid Mars and Venus on REN 17 and ST 36

Overwhelmed, scattered, panicked to calm, centered, safe with strong boundaries.  Mid Ohm Unison or Mars/Venus or Saturn/Venus on PC 6 and SJ 5.

Headache, dizziness, foggy brain to clarity, focus and concentration. Mid Ohm Unison or Solar 7th or Mars/Venus 5th on LI 4, LIV 3, DU 20, ST 36

Wilted salad greens to healthy, higher life force foods. HF Earth Day 5th over salad and greens

Fast Food to a healthier body experience. HF or Mid Ohms over food.

Fish, canned tuna with higher levels of mercury. HF or mid Mercury and Ohm over fish, creating a right relationship with mercury.

Sadness, disbelieve, grief to hope, inspiration, acceptance. Mid Ohm Unison or Full Moon 6th on Lung 1, LIV 14, Lung 3, REN 17

Stress to peace. Mid Ohm unison or New Moon 5th on KID 1, LIV 3, REN 17, KID 3

Body Pain, stiffness to easy and flowing movement. Mid Zodiac 3rd on LIV 3, LI 4 and directly to the area of pain.

Fatigue, exhaustion to energized. Mid Ohm Unison or Mars/Venus or Solar 7th on St 36, SP 6, KID 23

Do you need clinic hours? Are you needing some self-care? You can do both by joining Judy Bernard in an Acutonics Online Clinic. For 5 weeks, you treat a client or yourself, get feedback and have weekly sessions. Classes are now forming for April, May, June 2022. Call/Text Judy at 253-593-4751or email: for more information.