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Buddha’s Triangle – Reclaiming Joy: Moving Beyond the Pandemic and Political Trauma; The importance of calm, rest and taking time to recover

14 Jun, 2021
As we begin to emerge from the profound trauma of the last year, it is critically important that we identify ways to find joy in our lives. The qualities of the Fire Element and Summer provide an opportunity to reclaim what was lost during the pandemic. As we experience lights return, and emerge from isolation to gather with friends, enjoy the warmth of companionship and the blessings of an abundant garden. This season is a time to open our hearts and embrace the Fire Element emotion, which is pure joy, or Le
Buddha’s Triangle – Reclaiming Joy: Moving Beyond the Pandemic and Political Trauma; The importance of calm, rest and taking time to recover

By Ellen F. Franklin, PhD

Le is the joyful harmony and ease that summer brings with its flowers, ripening fruits and long evenings of friendship. Here our hearts play in the fullness of love as we relax in the overflowing gardens of rich delights. Joy can then conduct the rhythms of our life and we can give this warmth, joy, laughter, and love to those around us. We can fill others with our delights and pour this joy into all that we do. It inspires and encourages the hearts of others with a great fullness of love. There is no limit to our love when we are filled with the wisdom and greatness of this joy. Filled with this love, we are in balance with the Tao that can then lead us on our true path. — Debra Kaatz, Characters of Wisdom

If this feels insurmountable to you as the weight of the past year remains, consider a simple self-care protocol that is excellent to reduce anxiety and stress and helps to remind us that we can find joy once again. These three points known collectively as Buddha’s Triangle are located on the wrist and bilateral:

 P 6, Inner Pass helps to regulate the heart, release oppression in the chest, calms the mind and deals with emotions that may be impacting our gut. This point connects to our inner essence so that we can call our hearts back from the disturbances in the outer world, it strengthens the heart protector and helps us to express ourselves authentically.

HT 7, Spirit Gate the source point of the heart helps to address heart related emotional issues as we embody our higher self. This is an excellent point to calm both mind and spirit and may be used to address insomnia, sadness, fear, fright, grief, or a sense of dislocation as we emerge from a year of isolation. 

LU 9, Great Abyss the source point and Earth point of the Lung provides access to both the depth and breadth of our inner and outer resources so that we can fully assimilate new experiences and connect to the perennials steams of wisdom that renew us. This point helps us to address grief and take powerful healing breaths that reduce stress. Both the lung and heart have a strong relationship to our emotions.

This simple treatment can also be expanded on with the addition of two of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels. Think about what you most need at the time of your treatment and the path and qualities of the vessels and choose accordingly. Remember to ground on KID 1 with Ohm Unison to begin and end your self-care treatment.

Tools to Consider:
Ohm Unison, Mars/Venus, Hygiea Octave to promote a sense of general well-being, and renewed optimism.

If you have the Acutonics Gem Tips:
Rose Quartz promotes heart healing on all levels, reinforces self-love, facilitates healing through self-worth, quells fear and soothes grief. It also opens the heart chakra to promote peace, happiness, and unconditional love.

Jade opens and heals the heart, soothes emotional distress and fosters love while also assisting in the spiritual journey and in uncovering the mysteries contained in our hearts.

Red Garnet opens the root chakra, warms, grounds and facilitate movement of Earth energy into the body. It is regenerative, purifying, and protective a stone that supports our journey to health.

Amethyst calms the Shen, promotes balance, relieves over-thinking, aids in assimilation of new information, the breath of life and peace.

May the Summer Season bring you peace, harmony, and a return to what you value most.

For more tips on self-care during the summer season, read this post of affirmations for personal well-being from Judy Bernard, EAMP, MAc, LAc, Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner, which appeared in July of 2018.