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Winter 2023 Self-Care Tips

18 Dec, 2023
As winter sets in here in the mountains of Colorado, we move into the Element of Water, a time for deep reflection. In this season we may be drawn to explore our shadow-side, especially as holidays with friends and families often triggers buried emotions. The dichotomy of this season: media, family, and friends call on us to look outward to socialize and be merry, while we want to go inward – to explore the darkness, and to seek peace and deep healing. This friction can create tremendous stress.
Winter 2023 Self-Care Tips

Judy Bernard, EAMP, MAc, LAc, Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty

As a response, we may feel unsafe and go into fight, flight, or freeze mode. This can activate cortisol and may shut down digestion and other non-essential body functions. In response, the body sends energy in the form of adrenaline to arms, legs, heart, and lungs – giving the extra boost needed to get out of danger.  Many times, in this modern era we aren’t in physical life-or-death situations. However, our nervous system and body do not know this, especially when the pattern is to move from one stressor to another without time to relax or reset.

The risks of not resetting include nervous system overdrive, damage to the immune system, digestive issues, poor sleep, fatigue, heightened anxiety, emotional ups and downs, emotional outbursts, weight gain, and physical illness. Ironically, these risks exacerbate during the busiest time of year — diminishing the joyfulness of the holidays to anxiety and stress.

We can change this! 

Reach for your Acutonics® tools as a way to relax the body and release the stress.

Step 1. Schedule down time to relax, take a bath, read a book, get extra rest, take a walk, use a journal to write about what is triggering your stress response and make self-care a priority.

Step 2. Bring your tuning forks with you everywhere. Just a one-to-three-minute break to reset yourself and family between activities can be very powerful. Pick two of your favorite forks and stow them in your purse or your car. Just listening to them starts to relax the nervous system. Resetting your digestion can be done quickly, even while stuck in traffic!

Step 3. Review and follow the quick and easy self-care tips to take advantage of the gifts of the Water Element and find joy this holiday season.

Reset and Reboot: Listen to Ohm Unison or Solar 7th (especially if you experience Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD) or choose your favorite two forks; perhaps Mars/Venus, or New Moon 5th. While listening to the tuning forks, practice box-breathing. Take deep breaths while breathing in for four counts, hold breathe for four counts, release for four counts and inhale for four counts. Then, apply tuning forks to REN 17, Original Child and REN 4, Gate of Origin. Feel yourself ground deeper into your body; you are safe. “I am Safe!”

Digestion Reset: Listen to Ohm Unison, Solar 7th, or your favorite forks. Then, place on ST 36, Leg Three Li, SP 6, 3 Yin Intersection, REN 12, Central Venter, ST 25, Heaven’s Pivot, REN 6, Sea of Qi, and KID 3, Great Ravine.

“I digest food, energy and new information with ease, keeping what is best for me and releasing everything else.”

Embracing Emotions: During this winter season our emotions may be bubbling up or we may get triggered by our families. This creates an opportunity for deep healing. First, make time for this awareness by excusing yourself, step outside, go to the restroom or your car. Don’t try to resolve it here, rather, take a mental health break and bring your tuning forks back with you. While listening to your forks (any two forks will do, although I like Mars and Venus) breathe deeply, say out loud or to yourself, “I embrace my emotions and allow them to flow.”

Now, apply the tuning forks to LIV 3, Great Surge, LI 4, Union Valley, REN 17, Original Child, KID 3, Great Ravine and SP 6, Three Yin Intersection. Let the emotions flow, don’t try to unpack them or analyze them. Once the wave of emotions has moved through your body, which usually takes about ninety seconds, make a note of your thoughts. While these will likely need more processing, make a promise to yourself that you will set time aside in the future to address what came up. Make sure to keep this appointment with yourself. Next ground with KID 1, Bubbling Spring, to strengthen your boundaries (next tip) and enjoy the rest of your day, knowing your honored yourself when you needed to. “I take great care of all aspects of my being!”

Strengthening Boundaries: This can be done anytime you feel overwhelmed, sensitive, or prone to take on others energy. Take the forks of your choice and apply them to ST 36, Three Leg LI, DU MAI, Open on SI 3, Back Ravine, and Balance on UB 62, Extending Vessel. Then, treat the REN MAI, Open on LU 7, Broken Sequence, and Balance on KID 6, Shining Sea, add P 6, Inner Gate and SJ 5, Outer Gate. “I am strong on all levels!”

Processing the Deeper Emotions: This may take a little longer and should be done in a space that allows you to feel safe. Listen to your two forks, NM 5th is great for this. If you want to go really deep and get at the roots, Pluto may be very helpful. Consider pairing with New Moon. You will also need Ohm and Sedna for this session. Listen to Ohm while saying: “I am safe to go within and release what no longer serves my highest self.” Then apply Ohm to KID 1, Gushing Spring, KID 3, Great Ravine and REN 17, Original Child. Next apply NM 5th or Pluto/New Moon to Chong MAI, open on SP 4, Grandparent’s Grandchild and Balance on P 6, Inner Gate. Allow space to feel what emotions come to the surface. Use the same forks on LIV 3, Great Surge and LI 4, Union Valley, moving out the emotions. Repeat this process until you feel lighter and complete. Now, use Ohm and Sedna on SP 6, 3 Yin Intersection, SP 3, DU MAI, open on SI 3, Back Ravine, and Balance on UB 62, Extending Vessel, then conclude with KID 3, Great Ravine, KID 24, Spirit Ruins, P 6 Inner Gate, and KID 1, Gushing Spring. “I embrace my true self.”

Start your New Year off with support, while deepening your Acutonics knowledge and earn clinic hours. These online clinics are a great way to hold yourself accountable for getting the self-care you need or dive deeper into a clients complicated case. Clinics are now forming for January, February, and March. To learn more email or text Judy Bernard at or 253-593-4751.