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The Season of Winter: Self-Care to Embody the Light

7 Dec, 2021
The season of Winter is here. Whether you live in the Southern or Northern Hemispheres, light is the common theme. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere the light grows stronger and longer day by day. Let this light fill you up to illuminate all your gifts so you can share them with the world.
The Season of Winter: Self-Care to Embody the Light

By Judy Bernard, EAMP, MAc, LAc, Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty, Certified Aacutonics® Practitioner

In the Northern Hemisphere we feel the light diminish day by day, this invites the deepest part of ourselves to feel at one with the darkness. It beckons us to go within and honor the depth of our being, to witness and learn. As the light returns, minute by minute, day by day, we are given the chance to bring light to all our hidden parts. This is a unifying process for our whole being. As the dark aspects of ourselves are understood and accepted, all of our being comes into the light. This acceptance of Self allows our inner light to shine and expand out into every aspect of our lives. As the World is constantly changing in these transformational times, it is calling us to be and live the light.

Wherever you live, take time to fill yourself up with frequencies that enliven your being. The more you fill yourself up the more you have to give, and the stronger you will be. These self-care strategies will help you to fully embody the light in your mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

I Am Grounded In Myself!

Feet and Knee Pain, Resilient, Heart Palpitations, Headaches
Chimes or HF Ohm and Sedna in the field and in the room of the session.
Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Earth and Sedna on REN 17, REN 12, REN 8, REN 4 and REN 6.
Mid New Moon 5th on KID 1, LIV 3, GB 21, DU Mai and Yin Qiao Mai
Low Sedna/New Moon on bottom of feet, walk forks from heel to toes. SP 9, ST 36, LIV 3 and LI 4
Low Sedna/Ohm on Yin Tang, REN 17, REN 12, REN 6, REN 4, LIV 8, SP 6, KID 3 and KID 1
Singing bowl on belly
Rest and Relax

I Forgive Easily and Often!

Anxiety, Depression, Wandering Body Pain, Frustration, Letting Go
HF of Jupiter and Sun around the body and in the room.
Mid New Moon 5th on Dai Mai, Chong Mai, SJ 16, SJ 8, ST 36, SP 6, GB  39, LI 4, LIV 3, KID1
Mid Ohm/Uranus Dai Mai, Chong Mai, LI 4
Mid Forks of Jupiter and Sedna on Dai Mai, Chong Mai, UB 10 and UB 60
Harmonic Essentials® Oil: Sedna DU 26, P 6, SJ 5 and REN 17
Singing bowl on belly
Relax and receive

I Move From Grief To Peace!

Neck and Shoulder Pain, Sadness, Loss, Anxiety
Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Mercury and Venus, LU 3, REN 17, and REN 12
Mid Mercury/Venus on Yin Wei Mai, REN Mai, REN 17, REN 4, KID 3, LU 1, LIV 14
Mid Mercury/Neptune on LU 9, KID 1, LIV 3, LI 4
Harmonic Essentials® Oil: Sedna, place in field over Chakras
HF or Chimes of Sedna over all Chakras
Singing Bowl on belly
Breathe in Peace
Rest and Relax

I Embrace My Light and Step Into New Beginnings!

Hip Pain, Side Pain, Rib Pain, Moving Forward, Confidence, Self-esteem
Chimes or HF Forks of Jupiter and Sun around the body.
Mid Jupiter/Sun on DAI Mai, DU Mai, SP 21, REN 17, UB 10, UB 60 and LIV 1.
Low Tuning Forks Jupiter/Sedna on the same points as above.
Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Jupiter and Sedna on REN 17 and LIV 1.
Signing bowl on belly
Rest and Relax

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