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Self-Care Affirmations

Self-Care: Your Harmonic House

9 Feb, 2021
Happy Lunar New Year! At the start of every new year, I like to set my intentions for what I want more of in my life. This is the perfect opportunity to elevate our personal vibrations as well as the vibrations of our home and office. For this for article I invite you to focus on self-care not just for yourself, but throughout your entire home.
Self-Care: Your Harmonic House

By Judy Bernard EAMP, MAc

What are the planetary vibrations that will enhance these areas? I’ve provides room by room suggestions on the use of your planetary forks and chimes designed to shift and to fill up the entire space. There are numerous ways to engage at home, and of course personal choice on what you want to focus on provides unlimited options, let yourself explore. I’ve provided some examples below.


Energy: Restful, Rejuvenate, Calm, Peaceful, and Dreamtime.
Forks/Chimes: NM 5th, Ohm Unison, Neptune Ohm 5th or Mercury.
Racing Mind: NM 5th or Ohm on LI 4, LIV 3, REN 17, REN 4, KID 1.
Hot Fashes/Night Sweats: HF/Chimes of NM 5th over bed REN MAI and CHONG MAI, KID 3.
Dreamtime Communication: HF/Chimes Neptune and Mercury over bed, DU MAI, SJ 16, SJ 17.


Energy: Calm, Ease of Release, Health and Beauty
Forks/Chimes: NM 5th, Mars and Venus, Hygiea
Swelling In My Eye Lids or Under Lids: NM 5th all around my eyes.
Constipation: Rattle around abdomen, use NM 5th: LI 4, LIV 3, REN 12, ST 25.
Inflamed Gums:  Mars/Venus, Hygiea: Tune gums through skin all around the month.
Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Apply serum, then tune with Mars/Venus 5th on wrinkles.
Baths: Take an Epsom salt bath, listen to Ohm Unison or Zodiac 3rd to relax or go deep into the water with Ohm/Neptune. Pick a fork representing your intention. Consider Jupiter for more abundance, Venus for beautiful skin and being, Sedna for letting go of betrayal, and falling into the flow of the soliton.


Energy: Vitality of life force, Easy digestion, Clean
Forks/Chimes: Earth Day 5th, Hygeia, Mercury, Venus
Clean Food: Hygeia on food and around food
Fish: Mercury for right relationship with mercury/heavy metals in fish. I put the Mercury fork right on the can of tuna fish.
Greens and Vegetables: Earth day 5th over them and on them.
All Meals: Ohm/Venus: Balance, love and gratitude.
Water: Charge your water with what you want more of. Place water in a glass, put a tuning fork on glass and over glass. Drink and Enjoy!

Living Room:

Energy: Relaxation, Connection, Fun
Forks/Chimes: Zodiac 3rd, Full Moon 6th, Venus, Neptune
Aches and Pains: Zodiac 3rd, GB 21, GB 30, SP 21, area of pain.
Fun Times: Jupiter and Venus HF/ Chimes in room.
Relax TV/Movies: Zodiac 3rd and Full moon 6th on LI 4, LIV 3. Plus have a mini tune up, before you know it the whole family will be joining you. Everyone gets tuned up into harmony and balance together.

Workspace/Office Space:

Energy: Focus, Flow, Abundance, Opportunities, Communication
Forks/Chimes: Sun, Nibiru, Jupiter, Full Moon 6th, Mercury, Ohms, Saturn, Venus, Zodiac 3rd
To Do List: Saturn/Venus over the List, Open the REN MAI and The DU MAI
Focus: Sun and Nibiru HF/Chimes in Room and forks on DU 20 (Nibiru) and REN 4/6 (Sun).
Emails and Calls: Mercury/Full moon HF/Chimes and/or Sun/Jupiter HF/Chimes in Room and forks on REN 12, LU 3, REN 17 and KID 3.
Computer Tightness in Shoulders: Zodiac 3rd on GB 21, GB 34 and DU MAI.
Performance Review, Negotiations: Saturn/Venus in room and forks on SJ 5, P 6 and REN 17.
Writer's Block: Use a rattle around head and in room, follow by activating writing points.
Writing: Mercury, Full Moon HF/Chimes in room and forks on Yin Tang, LU 1, SJ 16, LI 17 and REN 17.

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