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Self-Care Affirmations

Self-Care Strategies To Raise Our Vibrations

11 Apr, 2020
The World changed in an instant. We are in the middle of a dynamic global transformation. Is it good or is it bad? I think it is too soon to tell, I do believe it will be a bit of both. I also believe what we focus on, we create! Let us focus on health, love and embrace this time of change to create the World we want to live in; our Acutonics community and our tools were meant for these times. We can raise the vibration of our beings, others and ultimately the World.
Self-Care Strategies To Raise Our Vibrations

By Judy Bernard, EAMP, LAc, Senior Licensed Acutonics® Faculty

Try these self-care protocols. Please adjust them by checking in with yourself, feel what tuning forks calls to you, let that signature frequency enlighten you from within and then you will share it with the World by being the Amazing YOU!

I AM Healthy!

Boost Immune System, Support Body, Mind, Spirit, Address Flu, Colds, Body Aches, Fatigue

Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Sun and Chiron in Field, Breathe it in deeply
HF or Chimes of Sun and Chiron in field
Chiron and Nibiru on ST 36, SJ 17, LI 4, SJ 5
Sun and Chiron on ST 36, SJ 17, LI 4, SJ 5
Mars and Venus on ST 36, REN 17
Singing Bowl on Belly
Rest and Relax

I Go Within To Expand

Peace, Hope, Centeredness, Calm

Harmonic Essentials® Oil: Venus on REN 17, Yin Tang (3rd Eye), REN 8
Zodiac 3rd followed by Mars/Venus on DU MAI, LI 4, LIV 3, KID 1
Full Moon 6th on YIN WEI MAI, LU 1, LIV 14, REN 17, KID 3
Chimes or HF Full Moon 6th and Jupiter
Singing Bowl and the Belly
Rest and Relax

I Pivot Easily!

Fear, Anxiety, Tension, Stress, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Back Pain

Chimes or HF Jupiter and Earth Day
Harmonic Essentials® Oil: Jupiter on Yin Tang (3rd Eye)
Zodiac 3rd followed by New Moon 5th on UB 10, UB 60, DU MAI, GB 21. LI 4, LIV 3, KID 1
Full Moon 6th on REN MAI, LU 1 and LIV 14, KID 3, REN 17
Chimes or HF of Jupiter and Earth day applied to chakras.
Singing bowls on belly
Rest and Relax

I AM _______________!

You Fill In The Blank! What Do You Want To See In The World?

Harmonic Essentials® Oil: Jupiter and OHM on Ren 17, Ren 4, Ren 6
HF Neptune and OHM applied to the chakras
Harmonic Essentials® Oil: Sedna on DU 20, DU 16, REN 17, REN 12, REN 6, REN 4
Sedna and Neptune on REN MAI, KID 1, LIV 3, LI 4, LU 3
Sedna with Blue Topaz and Jupiter on LU 3, LU 1, LIV 14, DU 20, DU 16, REN 17, REN 12, REN 6, REN 4, KID 3
Claim it NOW by saying I AM____________________!
Repeat 3 times or until you feel it in every cell. AND SO IT IS!!!
Singing bowls on belly
Relax and Receive

More than ever self-care is key! Now offering a 5 week clinic for YOUR own self-care with or without the clinic hours! You will receive a personalized self-care plan, feedback, accountability and clinic hours (if needed) to complete your Acutonics Certification. These ONLINE Clinics are being formed now April/May/June 2020. The clinics are intimate, small groups, with a maximum of four students, minimum of two. We find a time that works for everyone and then meet for 5 weeks discussing your client or yourself (self-care). You then give a weekly sound healing session and report back the next week. Each clinic is worth 15 clinic hours. Email Judy at or call/text 253-593-4751 to get started.