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Self-Care Affirmations

Self-Care Strategies to Promote Gratitude and Abundance

1 Nov, 2019
Welcome to November a month for gratitude and abundance. Many of us look out into the world and see only chaos. Nothing seems to be going smoothly and intense pressures fill the Earthly energy container. No one is immune from this pressure; as things all around us appear to be shifting and changing we require healthy strategies to ride this wave of change. This is a perfect time to plant seeds for what we want to create, so that we can be filled with light and positive energy. It is not possible to operate to our fullest potential if we are caught in the energetic vibration of scarcity. So, take time to listen to your body, rest and focus on what you want and fill yourself with including rich planetary vibrations.
Self-Care Strategies to Promote Gratitude and Abundance

By Judy Bernard EAMP, MAc, Senior Acutonics® Faculty, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner

I Embrace Ease And Support!

Neck/Shoulder Pain, Ancestor Support

Zodiac 3rd on GB 21, GB 40, SI 11, SJ 5, DU 16
Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Mercury and Neptune on GB 21, REN 17, P 8
Mercury/Neptune Tuning Fork Interval followed by Full Moon 6th on DU MAI
Solar 7th on ST 36, UB 10, UB 60
Ohm Octave on REN MAI
Singing bowl on Belly
Rest and Receive!

I DEEPLY Receive My Birthright of Divine Abundance!

Stress, Fatigue, Struggle, Tight Muscles/Tendons, Digestion Imbalances

Zodiac 3rd Tuning Fork Interval followed by Jupiter/Venus then Jupiter/Sun on DAI MAI, GB 34, GB 39, GB 40, SP 21, REN MAI, ST 4, REN 12, ST 25, ST 36, KID 3
Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Jupiter and Sun in belly button
Play singing bowl on belly
Rest and Receive!

I Embrace And Unite With the New Vibrations And Frequencies Within My Body

Low Back Pain, Joint Pain, Expansion Into New Earth Vibrations, Embracing Unity

Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Earth and Sedna on REN 4 and 6
HF or Chimes of Jupiter, Sedna, and Chiron
Jupiter/Sedna with Blue Topaz Tuning Forks on KID 1, LIV 3, DU MAI, REN MAI, REN 17, REN 4, REN 6, LIV 8, SP 6, KID 1, KID 3
HF or chimes of Ohm and Chiron
Harmonic Essentials® Oil: of Sedna in Belly Button
Singing Bowl on belly and at feet
Rest and Receive

I Honor Myself And Create Loving Boundaries!

Boost Immune System, Reduce Anxiety, Stop Taking on Energy From Others, Realizing Your Own Needs, Lovingly Saying NO

Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Mars and Venus on SJ 5 and P 6
HF or Chimes of Mars and Venus
Mars/Venus 5th Tuning Forks on REN MAI, REN 17, REN 6, ST 36
Venus/Sedna on LU 9, LU 1, REN 17
Sedna/Earth Day on SP 6, DAI MAI
Sedna Octave on KID 1
Rest and Receive

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