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Embrace Mother Earth: Self-Care for Late Summer

14 Aug, 2023
Late summer and the Earth in all her green glory is upon us, an invitation to enjoy these last weeks of Summer. The Leo energy of August, ruled by the Sun represents our hearts as we transition to the sign of Virgo and move to the ruling planets of Mercury and Chiron. Virgo energy helps us process what is not aligned with our hearts from the Leo energy. Chiron is perfectly placed to help heal our hearts. Virgo also rules the harvest and fertility representing abundance and creativity. What is it you are creating, is your heart’s abundance flowing with ease? If not, perhaps you are out of alignment with the energy of the heart. Chiron can guide heart healing back into the flow of abundance, creativity, and alignment.
Embrace Mother Earth: Self-Care for Late Summer

Judy Bernard, EAMP, MAc, LAc, Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty

Chiron energy is here to heal us at a deeper level and harvest the goodness within YOU! You are enough! You are perfect just the way you are. Yes, you have been through a lot, no doubting that and there is no escaping this. This is Chiron’s Hero’s journey that many of us healers have been on. The past has made us who we are: Strong! Resilient! Compassionate! Loving!! Kind! Chiron is here to encourage us to take the past, embrace the transformation it formed within us and move forward lighting the way for others.

As the Earth’s energy continues to climb in vibrational frequency the denser vibrations within us, no longer resonate with the Earth or us, so it’s time to integrate their gifts and release them. This is what Chiron is here to do. This is a magical time to be on Earth. Take this time to fill yourself up with the Harvest that is here for you, use the Earth’s energy and our tools to keep creating, receiving, transforming, and uncovering the greatness YOU truly are.

Gathering the Wisdom of the ages!
Anxiety, separation, hopelessness, lack of support, low back pain 
HF Zodiac 3rd in your field and over all chakras.
Mid Chiron on DU 20, Yin Tang, REN 22, REN 17, REN 12, REN 6, REN 4
Mid Zodiac 3rd on LIV 3, LI 4, GB 21, GB 31, DU Mai, and REN Mai
Singing Bowl on Belly and Relax

Grasping the Silver Lining from our past!
Depression, anxiety, doubt, fatigue, exhaustion.
HF Chiron, OHM and Hygiea over Root, Heart, and Third Eye
Mid Chiron and OHM LIV 3, LI 4
Mid Chiron and Sun on the Chong Mai
Mid Mars and Venus on the Chong Mai, REN 17, REN 12, REN 6, REN 4
Mid Hygiea and Neptune on REN 17, REN Mai
Singing Bowl on Belly and Relax

Embracing our Inner Child
Sadness, longing, lack of joy, life feels hard.
HF Jupiter and Venus over REN 17
HF Hygiea over all chakras
Mid Chiron and Full Moon on LU 3, LU 1, LIV 14
Mid Jupiter and Venus on LU 3, LU 1, LIV 14, REN 17, Yin Wei Mai
Singing Bowl on Belly and Relax

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