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Ride the Wave: Peace, Unity, Love, Creation

3 Aug, 2022
As the year 2022 progresses, many of us sense pressure in all aspects of our being. Somedays it feels that mind, body, emotions, and spirit are being forced into a corner. When the outer world challenges us, we may feel trapped or that there is no way out. If you find yourself stuck in a corner, there is no choice but to go within.
Ride the Wave: Peace, Unity, Love, Creation

Judy Bernard, EAMP

Reflect that perhaps the corner is exactly where we are supposed to be, a time we anticipated would come. By Divine orchestration we are called to ride the way of new energies (frequencies) to ascend. To ascend, to rise up or rise above the duality of present-day Earth. We cannot solve the challenges we face with the same mind-set that created them. We must move deeper in our individual heart, and merge together through unity into the heart-based frequency of Love. From this higher perspective the opportunities that lay before us become visible. The waves ebb and flow on the vibrational surf brought to us from the heavens at this exact moment in time. There are unique planetary alignments, moon illuminations and solar flares dancing in creation. We the frequency keepers are being called to action now.

The waves of these current times are often surprising and unpredictable. What we view as the most likely event to occur, quickly dissolves into the unexpected, making life a wild ride. How we ride the waves of these changing times is where we place our focus and attention. Are we more anchored in the outer world the place of acceptance or the inner world the place of creation? The choice is always ours and we repeatedly make this choice over and over every day.

The Acutonics tools and education called to us. We understand how to bring ourselves back to an inner realm of balance. It is in the inner realm of balance that we feel the creative strength of our own heart. From this space we emit the vibration (frequencies) we wish to have more of in the world. The corner we have been pushed into gives us no other choice than to use our tools for our own benefit, which in turn benefits others.

Many of us feel making time for ourselves is selfish, we have many depending on us. Yet, this the only way during these tremulous times to continue to ride the wave, to surf it if you will, the other choice is to drown in denser frequencies. Surfing the waves keeps us above the turmoil able to access the lights of peace, love, hope and kindness. When we move below the surface we absorb the feelings that are floating in the water from the collective unconsciousness. Some of these feelings can be grief, despair, fear, lack and disconnection. Many other symptoms are physical because the body is the denser matter, and it is the slowest to integrate these new vibrational frequencies. Don’t judge yourself when you fall into the collective, you are there to transform these emotions within yourself, which benefits all of humanity, pick them up and look at them, do they have a message for you? Then let them dissolve into the vibrational frequencies of the tuning forks, singing bowls or gongs. Reach out to your communities and get the support you need; you don’t have to do this alone. These self-care tips can be done anywhere and are meant to keep us strong, resilient and heart connected able to shine our own light.

The forks to carry with us as we move throughout our days are mid Sedna and Earth Day. These two forks create a 5th interval for an opening and movement to Unity in our daily lives, 24 hours a day. Earth day will help us find our rhythm and flow moment by moment to the place of Unity within each of us. There are many forks that will be of service so use the planets calling to you. Listen to what you and your body needs.

There are many ascension symptoms, here are just a few with points that will help.

As always and even more important now is grounding, grounding, grounding! Use KID 1 Gushing Spring to start and end each mini session. Use Sedna or Ohm depending on what feels best to you.

Ascension affirmation: I easily ascend and assimilate the new vibrational frequencies coming into the Earth plane.

Ascension Symptoms and Points:

Vortex Top of Head: Three Treasures DU 20, REN 17, REN 4
Side of Head, Temples: LIV 3, LI 4, GB 41
Front of Head, Forehead: SP 9, ST 9, ST 36
Back of Head and Neck: GB 21, LI 4

Exhaustion: KID 3, KID 16, KID 25

Joint Pain: LIV 3, LI 4, Painful area on joint

Low Back, and Sacrum Pain: DU MAI, KID 3, LIV 3, LI 4

Anxiety and Heart Palpitations: Three Treasures DU 20, REN 4, REN 17

Apathy, Compassion Fatigue: CHONG MAI, KID 6, KID 16, REN 17

Immune System and Inflammation: DAI MAI, ST 36, PC 6, TB 5

Disconnected, Disorientated: DU MAI, REN MAI, REN 4, REN 6, REN 12, REN 17

Depression: Hip Pain, Time to Step Forward: DAI MAI, LIV 3, LI 4, ST 36

Nervous System Overload: YANG QIAO MAI, KID 6, ST 36, REN 17

Deep Grief, Abandonment: YIN QIAO MAI, LU 1, LU 9, LI 4

Instability, Swinging Thoughts, Unable to Make Decision: KID 1, KID 3, REN 4, GB21, REN 17

Digestive Upsets: CHONG MAI, ST 36, REN 12, LIV 3, LI 4

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