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Self-Care Affirmations

October Self-Care Affirmations Embrace Fall and the Metal Element

1 Oct, 2019
Trees are showing their displays of color in gratitude for the wonderful year. Soon they will release their leaves and go inward. This is one aspect of the energy of Fall, the season of the Metal Element. Just like the trees, the Metal Element is here to encourage us to receive inspiration and release what no longer serves us. Take time every day to acknowledge with appreciation what inspires you and let go of what you no longer need. Create a practice of gratitude and self-care. Be thankful for all you have and filling yourself up will allow you to be in flow with the season of Fall.
October Self-Care Affirmations Embrace Fall and the Metal Element

 By Judy Bernard, EAMP, MAc

I Am Grateful

Anxiety, Muscle Tightness, Expansion

Zodiac 3rd Tuning Fork on LIV 3, KID 1, LI 5, SI 4, P 6, SJ 5, SP 21
Jupiter and Sun Tuning Forks on GB 39, SP 6, ST 36 
Jupiter and Venus Tuning Forks on REN 17, P 6, SJ 5, P 8
Jupiter and Venus HF over REN 17, Heart Chakra
Singing Bowl on Belly
Rest, Relax and Receive

I Am Filled Up!

Balancing Receiving and Giving, Digestion of Food and New Ideas

Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Mars and Venus on REN 6, REN 12, REN 14, REN 17
Mars and Venus Tuning Forks followed by Venus and Jupiter Tuning Forks on CHONG MAI, ST 4, REN 17, P 8, REN 12, REN 4, REN 6, SP 6, REN MAI, ST 36
Jupiter and Ohm HF or Chimes around body
Singing Bowl on Belly
Rest, Relax and Receive

I AM ONE with the Universe and We Flow Together Easily!

Anxiety, Fatigue, Stress, Trust

Sedna and Neptune Tuning Forks on KID 1, LIV 3, KID 3, UB 60, REN MAI, DU MAI, REN 12, REN 17, KID 23, KID 24, DU 20
Harmonic Essentials® Oils: Sedna and Neptune on KID 1, KID 23
Play singing bowl on belly
Rest, Relax and Receive

I Sleep Deeply and Gather Wisdom


To record wisdom received keep a journal by your bed, jot down information when you wake.
New Moon 5th Chimes played around body and bedroom
Harmonic Essentials® Oil: Moon on DU 26 and KID 1
Zodiac 3rd Tuning Fork on UB 62, UB 10
New Moon 5th Tuning Fork LIV 3, KID 1, LI 4
Chiron and Full Moon Tuning Forks HT 7, P 6, KID 6
Chiron and Venus Tuning Forks REN 17
Play singing bowl on Belly
Rest, Relax and Receive

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