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October 2023 Acutonics® Self-Care Tips

27 Oct, 2023
Welcome to the flowing seasons, with so much uncertainty in the world it is a comfort to know that the seasons of Earth flow in a consistent way, to create balance as a whole. In the northern hemisphere we move into Fall and the Metal element. In the southern hemisphere we flow to Spring and the Wood element. In the north it is a time to be inspired, embrace the harvest, dance in bright colors, express gratitude for all the abundance, release what no longer serves us with ease and prepare for going deep within.
October 2023 Acutonics® Self-Care Tips

Judy Bernard, EAMP, Mac, LAc, Senior Acutonics Faculty

In the south we are excited to have more light each day, warmth in our bodies, to plant the seeds for our dreams, create plans to socialize, embrace new life, and new beginnings. The Earth holds this balance of new beginnings and endings in perfect harmony between the northern and southern hemispheres, as do our bodies. This is a fluid constant on our planet and within our being.

When the Earth feels crazy, unstable, and maybe even scary, take a moment, and connect to the Earth. Yes, she is always changing and is quite good at creating a big shake up. Yet, she is consistent with her seasons, the elements, and the energy of it all. Allowing yourself to embody the seasons, their flow, this stability with movement will release your bodies fear within.

In our toolbox we have the perfect frequency for this and it’s OHM. Our first fork and still one of the most powerful, for it is where we live. It embraces the changing flow of the sessions, grounds us, and helps us embrace movement from a safe place. It feels good to all aspects of our being. Allowing us to tap into the calm within the storm, take a listen and feel yourself take a deep breath of grounded calm and release the storm with your exhale.

Our breathe is a key foundation in the creation process of Spring and Fall. It stimulates our whole being, the essence of life. When we breath in we are inspired by Heaven’s Essence, oxygen, and then we naturally release what we no longer need CO2. In this natural rhythm of movement, fill up first, then release. Many times, we try to release before we fill up. This makes it quite challenging to make a permanent change or shift. When we are inspired, we embrace the change we desire and create room for the dreams we have gathered. When we no longer resonate with the old ways it is much easier to release them. When we believe that something better is coming along, we are inspired by it. This energy exchange happens all the time but has particular power during the Fall and Spring seasons a time for creation.

Find inspiration in your life, the world you want to live in and create. We have the vibrational tools to do this work. In the suggestions provided below stay open to what feels aligned for you.

Create more of what you want in life by thinking about the qualities you want to expand and the corresponding planetary fork that holds those attributes. Pair this Planetary fork with Ohm or Sedna. Ohm if you need to feel stable, grounded and embody the new frequency. Sedna for the unity, wave of change, and the new Earth. Apply the forks to the following points: LU 3, LU 1, LIV 14, REN Mai, ST 36, SP 6, KID 1.

If you seek inspiration and an infusion of hope, use Full Moon 6th on REN 17, KID 25, LU 3, LU 1, and LIV 14. Play a singing bowl and ask, “What is mine to do?” Now breathe and listen to your inner voice deep within. It will be a quiet nudge, then do it. Sometimes a flood of wisdom will come in, so keep a journal handy.

Is everything just too much and you’re feeling overwhelmed? Try grounding and reconnecting to Earth with Ohm on KID 1, KID 6, SP 6 and REN 17. Then add HF Hygiea to your field and on LIV 3 and LI 4. Finish with Sedna on KID 1.

Remember together we will get through this; things are getting messy as the old ways are dying and the New Earth is yet to be born. We have the tools to shift the resonance of ourselves, our families, and communities. Be gentle, kind, and compassionate with yourself first. Then these qualities will overflow in all you do and to everyone you encounter. Happy Tuning!

Give yourself support in these trying times, deepen your Acutonics knowledge and earn clinic hours. These online clinics are a great way to hold yourself accountable for getting the self-care you need. Clinics are now forming for November, December, and January. To learn more email or text Judy Bernard at or 253-593-4751